Kelly & Jones Make Your Favourite Wine Scented Fragrances!

We are all used to wine buffs telling us to sniff the bouquet of our favourite wines, to breathe in the seductive scents and revel in the aromatics of ripe fruits, vanilla, and oak and cedars in your favorite bottles of plonk. But did you know that now those very same seductive notes can be accessed and placed on every pulse point thanks to Kelly & Jones’ line of specially nuanced fragrances that are both feminine and fresh? Kelly and Jones have created five roll-on perfumes that capture the essence of your fave reds and whites — Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Cabernet, Merlot, and Chardonnay. Their Notes of Wine Collection is formulated to heighten the senses, whether you’re sipping or not. Cheers! So if you have ever sniffed the bouquet of a wine and thought that you love the scent so much, you wanted to wear it as a perfume, now is your chance.

Kelly first decided to combine perfumes with wine scents when she accidentally broke the wine etiquette of wearing a perfume at a wine tasting function. She noticed that her vanilla perfume was interacting with the vanilla, honeydew and oak scents of the Chardonnay wine she was sipping and the combination was an altogether heightened experience. However, in the world of wine tasting, wearing perfume while sipping is strictly prohibited as it interferes with the bouquet of the wine in the glass. On returning to her scent studio with 5 favorite bottles of wine, red to white, she sniffed and sipped and whiffed until perfumes that captured the notes of each of the varietals were created. Fragrances that enhanced all the nuances in the glass, and that when combined with a sip of wine, enlightened all the senses. And so we have the final blends that are a brand new concept in fine fragrance – scents that enhance the nuances of both wine and perfume. Kelly and Jones believe they are a truly sensorial and experiential approach to appreciating the world of wine – and perfume, two of the oldest known pleasures in the world. But first you have to decide what your scent is:

What’s Your Scent?

Notes of Sauvignon Blanc – $84: A crisp, refreshing unisex blend of yuzu grapefruit, starfruit, green apple, and a hint of camellia flower. To buy click here.

Notes of Riesling – $84: Luscious notes of peach, pear, Italian bergamot and raspberry leaf. Like biting into a ripe orchard fruit during a vineyard picnic. To buy click here.

Notes of Cabernet – $84: This swoon-worthy blend has spicy notes of pink peppercorn, ripe black cherry and tobacco flower on a gorgeous base of vintage leather. To buy click here.

Notes of Merlot – $84: A smooth, balanced essence and beautiful blend of red currant, mission fig, rhubarb and lovely candied violet. To buy click here.

Notes of Chardonnay – $84: A rich, vibrant and seductive blend of sweet honeydew melon, vanilla blossom and luscious crème brulee all rounded out on a base of toasted oak. To buy click here.

If you would rather buy a sample pack to test which wine scent you prefer, click here and you will be directed to a page where you can buy one for only $20.  

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