Keeping Your Shopping Healthy: A Guide to Avoiding Impulse Buys.

When they change their diet, many people take a notion that they will sort out their weekly shopping and buy nothing unhealthy so that they won’t be tempted, throughout the week, to snack on unhealthy foods. But once they get home from the shops, they find a large number of unhealthy foods have sneaked their way into the shopping. How do you avoid these impulse buys and make sure you buy only the foods you want?

First of all, make a list of everything you will need for the week, and write it all down. If you want, you can type it into your computer and have it printed off. Bring a pen so that you can mark items you’ve already bought. Do not deviate from your list for any reason; buy what’s there and only what’s there.

Dedicating a large portion of your budget to fresh fruit and vegetables will not only cut down on the unhealthy foods you can afford to buy; it will also allow you to rely on healthy snacks such as carrot sticks, apple slices and mandarins during the week. Buying a few low-fat dips can jazz up your celery and other raw vegetable sticks without weighing too heavily on your waistline, too.

Switch your white bread and plain pasta for wholegrain varieties that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of wholegrain whilst still consuming the same foods. It is easier to make healthy substitutions than to cut food groups out, and this will make your diet more sustainable in the long run.

Don’t starve yourself – that is, don’t buy a set of foods that will rely on your being hungry a large proportion of the time. You will not find it sustainable to be hungry for much of the day and you should plan to eat six small meals per day if you can. A diet where you feel full most of the time is going to be easiest to stick with, especially as you should be making the change for life rather than just to lose a few pounds in the moment.

Online shopping can remove the temptation as you will not be walking past a bunch of unhealthy foods crying out for you to buy them. Shops such as Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco provide online shopping options that drop your shopping directly at your front door at a time to suit you. Better yet; when you work out a shopping list that sees to all of your needs and provides a healthy balance of foods, you can simply return each week and order the same food again.

Eating more healthily is difficult if you feel yourself bombarded with unhealthy foods and last-minute buys that will weaken your resolve and convince you to buy chocolate bars, crisps or other foods that won’t help you make a lifestyle change. But with these handy tips you too can find yourself eating healthily in a jiffy!

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