Keeping Your Pet Comfortable Outside

If your pet spends a good amount of time in your yard then you want to make sure that it is as comfortable as possible. Of course when it comes to some of the best ideas for the home Hammacher Schlemmer has to be mentioned. What can they do for your pet? They came up with the Hammacher Schlemmer Only Heated Cat House. Just because your cat likes to be outside it does not mean that it likes the weather outside in the fall and the winter. The Cat house has a removable heater inside the floor of the house. Your cat is comfortable inside and yet you will not feel the heat yourself. Cats enjoy cozy areas and this house is definitely a favorite for them. The house is water proof and very resistant to both the weather and your cat. There is no better way to make sure your cat is comfortable outside.

If you do not have a fence, but you want to give your dog some outside time you will like the idea of an outdoor kennel. The first one that you will hear about is the Precision Pet Courtyard Dog Kennel 38in Silver. Though the idea is great this kennel is not the best for a couple of reasons. The first reason this kennel is not so appealing is the size. It is definitely not made for large dogs although the company seems to think it is. The size is not that bigger than an indoor kennel and has no roof so a dog that wants to get out will get out without much effort. Maybe a small dog will benefit from this kennel, but if you own a medium or large dog it is recommended that you look somewhere else.

A Better outdoor kennel option would be the PetSafe 12 Foot Dog Kennel Sun Block Top. Although still not big enough to provide a good outdoor experience your dog will be comfortable inside. 12 feet is big enough for dogs of every size and because this kennel does have a roof it is a lot safer than some of its competitors. You can also purchase an add-on that is suggested for people who will keep the dog outside for an extended period of time; that add-on is a shaded roof. The shaded roof is sold separately, but it is worth it especially in a hot summer day when your dog needs shade. As far as durability this kennel is top-notch. It is well designed and the price is extremely low when compared to others. This is a better outdoor kennel that you can purchase to give your furry friend a better outdoor time.

Dog houses are a great addition to a yard where a dog will spend a lot of time. One of the best looking ones is the Top Paw Outback Log Cabin Dog House. The looks are great, but a dog house must be judged based on more than just looks and in other categories this dog house does not shine. The dog house is very easy to assemble, but that is as far as the good side goes. The house looks great but it feels cheap. If you have a large and active dog it will not last. Unfortunately this dog house is made for large dogs because a small dog will not get the shelter it needs unless mayor modifications are made to make the house feel cozier. If you still chose to buy this dog house you should make sure that you cover the floor with a solid material, because a dog’s nails can get stuck on the floor boards.  

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