Keeping Your Little One Quiet

Children need to make noise; it is part of their development, and helps them to learn how to express themselves. But when you’re attending an event where silence is required, having some tips in your arsenal to keep them quiet can be a blessing. You can be prepared for these situations by following the following hints, and help your child succeed at keeping it down for the duration!

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A good way to help your little children keep quiet is to ensure they aren’t full of beans. Too often parents forget this and take highly energetic children into a situation where they’re expected to keep it down. Instead, ensure your child is a bit tired by having an active day and allowing them to run around. Just before you go in, take a nice brisk walk around a nearby park and help them tire themselves out a little bit. Be careful not to overdo it – nothing is quite as much of a mood-killer as a howling, over-tired child. However, if you can use gentle exercise and reasonably tiring activities to help your child get a bit sleepier by the end of the day, you can set them up for success.

Most parents are all too eager to discard the buggy, but keeping one around for a couple of years after you stop needing it isn’t a bad plan. The straps allow you to restrain your child in his or her pushchair, while the comfortable seat provides a lovely place to sit. This cuts down on the number of escape attempts, as well as the noisy and invasive struggles to keep a toddler from running around. Keeping an umbrella buggy folded up in the cupboard won’t require a lot of sacrifice in terms of space, but it may prove to be a lifesaver in case of weddings, funerals, or other events where it is important for your little guy to sit still.

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Buying a few toys that can only be played with in quiet situations will also help. Consider filling a bag with a few toys that are never played with unless you’re in church or at a recital. This means your child’s interest won’t wane as he or she will always be left wanting more. The same can be done with snacks; for example, you can decide only to give your child a specific type of biscuit during quiet times. Make sure you choose a good selection that your child adores, so that their interest is genuine and won’t peter out a few minutes later!

Keeping children quiet can really be a Sisyphean task. But if you know what to do and come prepared, any situation can remain undisturbed as your children play quietly and enjoy their snacks in silence!

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