Keeping Your Leather Furniture Looking Like New

If you have leather furniture, you’ll know it can soon lose its lustre. Cleaning it regularly can be a bit of a mystery – how should you best do it? But you needn’t worry any longer – here are tips on how to keep your leather furniture looking lovely and new.

First of all, you need to find out what type of leather your furniture is made of. Aniline leather is reasonably natural, and as such it can easily be marked. You’ll need to be careful with it throughout daily life, and many people find themselves keeping people from using this furniture regularly. As such, you may find you want to avoid purchasing it at all, or keep it in a seldom-used room such as a guest room or a formal dining room – which many people no longer maintain. If you already have aniline leather furniture, soft clothes and soft hoover extensions are the way to go. Go softly on the leather at all times, as it is marked very quickly.

If your leather is of the pigmented, or aniline-plus variety, it is a bit more durable. This leather is better for family situations and places where the furniture will see considerable use. Cleaning this leather is a lot easier as it stands up to a lot more abuse than aniline leather. A soft cloth will do, and you can always use a leather cleaning product if you fancy making it extra shiny. Beeswax can also help give this leather a shine, but shouldn’t be necessary.

Suede furniture is, unfortunately, very difficult as it easily marks and is difficult to clean. While it looks amazing, it will easily stain and you need to treat any marks immediately to cut down the chances of the stain setting. Buy specialised suede cleaner and keep well on top of things; even your body oils and sweat can mark this leather.

If you do stain your sofa, be sure to wipe it away immediately and use an appropriate leather cleaner to remove it. Hot, soapy water may also be used in a pinch, and a professional cleaner will be able to address some issues, but acting quickly is the main idea behind keeping your sofa from suffering the effects of a stain for the rest of its life. By having a regular cleaning routine incorporating treatment for your leather furniture, and having appropriate cleansers to hand, will allow you to keep your furniture looking nice.

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