Keeping Your Kids Warm in Winter

Keeping your children warm in winter time can be a bit of an uphill battle. Kids don’t always feel cold as acutely as adults do, and with play in the snow and walking to school in the rain added in they can often get quite chilly – sometimes without even realising it!

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One thing to remember is gloves. I know many mothers and fathers who become completely exasperated by their children’s inability to keep an eye on their gloves, and who go so far as to refuse to buy any more. Know your children’s limitations; they are children, and are not as aware of their surroundings as adults are. Buying several pairs of gloves at a time can often help you save money, and you’ll be able to keep some back for when – not if – a pair goes missing. Keep the mismatched gloves, too; you never know when they might come in handy!

Hats and scarves are similar; many of them are thoroughly interchangeable, and those which are unique and more fun can be stolen by jealous kids at school. If your child has a hat, scarf, or pair of gloves he or she especially loves it can be worth your white to sew in a name tag or even keep them for special occasions which don’t involve school – or simply do involve you!

Making sure your child’s bed keeps him or her warm is, of course, one of the first considerations. Make sure your child has a duvet with an adequate tog rating. If he or she is prone to overheating, ensure there are also blankets. These can be peeled off one at a time, allowing your child to adjust according to his or her needs. Even a selection of blankets, each of the same thickness, can make a big difference. Fleece can keep heat in well and moulds itself easily to the shape of your child’s body, keeping him or her warm, but a crocheted blanket with holes in the weave can be helpful for cooling purposes, too; a selection is probably best. You may also find value in keeping some blankets in the living room for cold children to roll themselves up in while they read or watch the telly!

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Warm drinks are often not seen as kid-friendly due to the likelihood of spillage and resultant injury, but can be perfect to help your child warm up. A small thermos of warm soup or chocolate milk can be the ideal way for your child to warm up if they take a packed lunch to school. Just remember to test the thermos so you know whether you need to pour the drink in hot or warm for it to be of an appropriate temperature at lunch time. In most cases, making sure it is not scalding hot is the best idea just in case the thermos malfunctions and its contents are spilled. Experiment with its ability to seal tightly, too, to ensure your child’s safety!

If your evening meal is your hot meal of the day, then bringing it forward to coincide with your child’s coming home from school may be a good idea, too. After a long day at school and a trudge home through snow, rain, or sleet, nothing can be lovelier than sitting down to a nice warm meal. Make sure you provide a snack before bedtime, however, or you’ll risk being woken by a hungry child! Alternatively, some soup with cheese sandwiches for dipping can make for a lovely, warming after-school snack.

Keeping your child warm during winter requires only a few minor adjustments – you’re sure to help him or her enjoy the winter even more!

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