Keeping Your House Clean Despite Wet Weather

Keeping your house clean is a worry year-round. But when the weather turns wet, icy or snowy, it becomes extra-difficult. With muddy bootprints, melting snow all over the carpet, and coats dripping on the floor as they dry, it becomes a near-impossibility to keep your house from resembling anything so much as a giant mucky puddle. Read on for some tips on how to keep it as clean as you can.

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First of all, throw out your old doormats, unless you’ve been really impressed with them. Invest in some expensive ones which wick water away from the bottoms of your shoes or boots, and buy some stiff, bristly outdoor doormats for both your front and your back door, allowing people to scrape the snow off their shoes before coming in quite effectively. A problem many people have even with efficient doormats is that not all the water, snow or mud comes off the shoes whilst on the doormat, but closing the door requires them to step off the mat and onto the floor. Mitigate this issue by providing a secondary, larger mat. A towel will do, in all honesty, folded double and covering a sizeable part of the hallway. While this does not, perhaps, look its classiest, it will help you keep your carpet clean and will make it easier for your flooring to last. It will also prevent wooden floors from warping, should they be improperly sealed and unable to cope with the influx of water.

Mopping your kitchen floor regularly is a good idea, especially if mucky footprints come in on a regular basis. But why not take it a step further? While you can’t very well ask your guests or even your children to take off their shoes whilst stepping into your house through the front door, the back door makes this a bit more realistic. Have a dry, clean place for socks to step onto and encourage your kids, your spouse and yourself to take shoes off outside, one by one, then stepping onto the kitchen floor to do the other foot. Wellies can live by the back door, necessitating little or no stepping directly onto the floor with mucky soles.

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Providing your family with slippers, comfortable enough to wear indoors and warm enough to keep feet from getting chilly, will encourage them and you to take shoes off at the door. But beware of soggy socks! Make sure anyone with soggy socks takes them off shortly after coming in, as soggy sock-prints are no better than soggy shoeprints. Your radiators can dry them or you can ensure a clean, dry pair awaits every resident upon their arrival.

Keeping your floors clean can seem like a hugely uphill battle. With these handy tips you can keep them clean, dry and tidy. Remember that it may not always be easy, but your floors will wear better and slower, and your home will not descend into the seemingly unavoidable wintry muckiness. You’re sure to enjoy it more and have a nicer winter!

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