Keeping up-to-date: The kitchen trends of 2013

If you’re thinking about revamping your kitchen next year, don’t do anything without reading our future trends prediction. After all, you don’t want your refurb to look dated before you’ve even washed your first dish in it or made your first cup of tea.


Leading kitchen designers and makers are predicting we’ll be installing sleeker, faster and more efficient appliances in 2013 with technological advances meaning our appliances can work more effectively and faster than ever before.

Steam ovens and induction hobs are set to gain market share from traditional stoves and ranges, with old-fashioned electric coil range tops expected to be shelved completely by 2017.

April Case Underwood, who is a designer with Case Design/Remodelling, said US households were overdue an overhaul. “It’s all about time,” she said. “People are trying to make the most of their time and the steam oven can cook a lot of things quicker.”

Steam ovens are gaining in popularity because they are faster than traditional ovens and offer a healthy alternative which retains moisture in your food.

German high-end manufacturer Neff has been steadily introducing new ranges to its steam oven collection. It cites a raft of advantages with the technique including no need for oil or fat and no risk of burning. A spokesman said: “As well as sealing in all the vitamin and mineral content of fresh food, steaming also preserves natural flavours so less salt is required. Wonderfully easy to use and clean, they’re versatile and highly energy efficient too, able to cook a whole range of fresh meals at low temperatures.”

oven hob

And, while induction cooking was first introduced to the market two decades ago, without gaining widespread popularity, householders are finally sitting up and taking notice of the technique which offers a sleek look and doesn’t waste any energy because cooking only takes place when you have a pan on the stove to create a magnetic field.

Slovenian manufacturer Gorenje, which produces more budget-friendly options than some of the high-end manufacturers, recently exhibited its new IQcook induction hob at Berlin’s IFA technology fair. The hob also features steaming technology, a cooking process monitor, time setting and grill.

Another trend set to gain even more momentum in 2013 is the minimalist styling of appliances so they are seamlessly integrated into your kitchen cabinets. The look first enjoyed popularity in Europe and is now the must-have style in the US.

kicthen design

Increasingly busy consumers are also demanding that their appliances work in super fast time. While it’s clearly not the cheap option, costing a whopping $3,999, the Futura ProfiLine Dishwasher, made by fellow German manufacturer Miele can clean a full load of dishes from beginning to bone dry in just 23 minutes. You can conceal it behind your cabinetry or showcase its touchpad panel.

So, it seems we all want our appliances to work harder for us, make sure we’re more healthy and do everything much quicker than they used to. But, however good they are, we don’t want to see them.

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