Keeping the Peace at Family Events

Family events are a wonderful opportunity to catch up with people you love and who are close to you. However, unfortunately they have an almost unlimited potential for drama, and many people find family events to be a strain as a result of old arguments and feuds that rear their ugly heads as soon as the family gathers for any reason. You can’t stop seeing them, so how do you keep the peace?

One reason why arguments are wont to pop up when family gathers is because the main activity planned is sitting around and talking to each other. If you plan some activities that require focus, this is far less likely to happen. You can go to the cinema or attend a theme park together rather than gathering in Auntie Edna’s front room where the cramped quarters soon lead to irritable behaviour and, like as not, a row.

Other options include board games. Beware that you stay away from games that rely too heavily on acquired knowledge such as Trivial Pursuit, as it can make some people feel inferior and this is the shortest route to a fight. However, purchasing a separate copy of good old-fashioned games like the Game of Life or Monopoly, and keeping them aside for family events makes it easy to ensure you have something to keep everyone busy.

Many family events involve a lot of drinking and, as a result, arguments escalate sooner than expected. Ensuring there are plenty of drinks without alcohol is a good way to curtail this. If you also make sure that everyone has had a sturdy meal before the drinking gets underway, you will be able to control the level of drunkenness to some degree.

Of course, the best way of removing arguments from the equation is to resolve them. It could be beneficial to have a family member designated to moderate this process as that will allow an impartial observer to make sure proceedings are fairly resolved. Alternatively, moderating the interactions between disagreeable parties may allow you to gain some peace during family gatherings. Keeping people apart is an excellent prophylactic method for preventing old arguments from cropping up again.

Gathering with family can be an amazing experience, and one that most of us are keen to repeat as often as possible. With these simple methods, you can prevent arguments from casting a shadow over your event and ensure everyone has the fun one should associate with family meetings!

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