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Keeping your car tidy is easier said than done. Particularly if you spend a significant amount of time in your car, commuting back and forth to work or visiting far-flung parents, friends or siblings, it’s easy for rubbish to start piling up. But the truth of the matter is that your car is a yardstick by which many people will judge you, and keeping it clean and tidy is a good idea no matter what you use it for.

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Taking meals in your car inevitably leads to rubbish being deposited in your car.

When it comes to your professional life, your bosses will frequently look at your car to find out what kind of a person you are. Whether you’re in an entry-level position or climbing the ranks of directorship, your car reflects your level of capability and a tidy, sparkling car will inevitably make a far better impression than a pit of iniquity. Think of it this way; they may not notice your car when it’s tidy and clean. But if it’s dirty and untidy inside, they will take note, and even while they may not consciously use this against you it can often be a small negative mark against your name that lurks in their subconscious, rearing its ugly little head around promotion time. And think of the possibility that your boss may need a ride at some point. Will you turn them down when they need a drive to the nearest petrol station or an emergency trip to A&E, simply because your car is not presentable? Furthermore, driving to work in a tidy car will help you get your mindset right to behave professionally and achieve your targets for the day. It’s a win-win situation!

Keeping your car tidy, however, is not as simple as all of that. People who face long commutes often eat breakfast, sometimes lunch and even a quick teatime snack in their car. The debris from these mealtimes accumulates, most frequently in the passenger footwell, and before you know it the car smells and is full to bursting with rubbish. But did you know that car bins are a popular item nowadays? You buy collapsible car bins which are small versions of the popular pop-up laundry bins for your home. Collapsed, they are small enough to easily keep under a seat or in a door pocket. When unfolded you can strap them to a handy fixed point such as the passenger seat headrest and use them for all your rubbish. This makes it easy-as-pie to use the bin (although obviously you must be careful while driving, and if you are not in stand-still traffic it is best to put your rubbish on the passenger seat until you reach your destination) and to take all your rubbish out of your car at once. This also allows your car to remain tidy throughout the day, meaning you can allow people you wish to impress to get in whenever they need or want to.

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Taking pride in your car's appearance is a positive part of your life.

Schedule weekly runs through the car wash to keep the outside clean, and hoover out your car on the same day. This allows you to keep well on top of everything and keeps your car’s tidiness and cleanliness from becoming so poor you feel unable to get a handle on it at all. Keeping an air freshener spray in your car is a good plan in case you have a greasy breakfast whose scent lingers. Simply give it a good spray or two when you’ve finished parking and by the time you get back into the car, you’ll be able to smell lovely clean, fresh air. Oust! or Febreze will do the trick of removing lingering scents, but a scented freshener will work equally well.

And so you can keep your car nice and clean, nice and tidy, looking professional and feeling like an extension of your home.

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