Katy Perry Launches ‘Meow!’ Perfume

Arriving at The Grove Mall yesterday looking as sweet as her new perfume, Katy Perry stopped to answer questions from the press and sign specially made up posters for her music fans. The outrageously styled singer looked somewhat demure in a pink satin dress and her hair was a subtle blonde, bobbed to her shoulders, with a hair grip holding it back on one side as she appeared on Entertainment TV show Extra. Speaking of hair, host Mario Lopez discussed her ever changing hair colour and her plans for a new album, to which she answered, “I know you guys want a new record, but I have to live a little so all the songs will be something worth listening to,’ she said. ‘I think that maybe I’m going to just think about enjoying Christmas and New Year’s.”

Katy started her appearance at The Grove Mall in West Hollywood by riding on the old fashioned trolley, which travels slowly up the mall’s main street. Whilst she was inside the Nordstrom department store she signed bottles of her perfume for eager fans and also put her name to copies of the poster in front of a festive pink and silver Christmas tree. This is the singers second perfume, having released a fragrance named Purr last November. Katy says, “The first fragrance was more floral, by a long while, and this one is a lot more edible,’ she told People magazine about the new scent which incorporates smells of pear, vanilla and honeysuckle. She went on to say, “I think that you can hear a song, and it’ll take you back to that moment, or that person, or that time in your life. Same thing with your sense of smell – it’s really powerful. So I thought I could make memories with people with Purr or Meow.” And she also explained where the design for the innovative bottle came from. “I grew up going to flea markets, and all the vintage stores and the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles,” she said. “I’d always look for milk glass – that beautiful, vintage milk glass that held candles, or salt and pepper. I definitely wanted to use it for Meow.” Here is the blurb for Meow:

Meow! by Katy Perry Eau de Parfum 1.7oz – £30.45

Meow! by Katy Perry is a companion piece to the singer’s first fragrance, Purr, and was created while Perry was on the California Dreams world tour promoting her platinum-selling second record, ‘Teenage Dream.’ This rich follow-up scent is a wearable interpretation of the fun, sensual spirit of the tour—so fun, in fact, Perry felt the name of the fragrance needed an exclamation point at the end of it. Still, Meow! commands a soft sexuality appropriate for use during any time of day. Its signature comes from a pairing of honeysuckle and pear with the backdrop of creamy vanilla, musk and amber. So while Purr marks Katy Perry’s first foray into the fragrance world, Meow!, more than anything, embodies her energy.

Meow! Is available from http://shop.nordstrom.com in 1.7oz or 3.4oz bottles.

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