Katie Price Unveils New Publication – Katie: My Magazine

So if you owned your very own magazine who would you stick on the cover page? Well of course Katie has put her own picture on the front of the aptly titled Katie magazine, her latest venture into the publishing industry. Speaking candidly about the new launch, Katie revealed that “I’m excited to show a side of me you don’t see in the mags. So what would I ask myself if I was doing the interview? Read and find out!”

The magazine features fashion and beauty advice so that fans can achieve the Katie Price look and look more like her, and it will include celebrity gossip and interviews from friends of the model superwoman. Plus diets tips, although Katie denies she is currently on a diet, despite her svelte like figure, “I’ve just been on holiday for a month eating like a pig, I had a fry up this morning, and there’s a McDonald’s up the road. I’m surprised I haven’t turned into a hamburger the amount of McDonald’s I’ve had this week.” Apparently she has ditched the juice diet she was so keen on and is not doing any exercise.

Katie, who has already published over 40 books including 4 auto-biographies, commented, “Do you know how many books I’ve got out? I’ve got 40. I’ve got the pony stories, I’ve got the mermaids. From young ages to, well, women. I can’t sit here and name them all, because I don’t know all their names.”

The magazine will feature many different subjects but not men evidently, Katie wants to keep her current private life just that, talking about her latest squeeze Leandro, “Leo doesn’t do magazines. He gets asked to do them, but he’s a mystery – no one knows anything about him and that’s the way it’s staying.” Another subject off the record are her exes, “I haven’t talked about my exes in this magazine. I’m sure they’re talking enough themselves about things they want to get off their chests, but you’re not going to hear it from me.” And speaking about her current situation with Leandro she told reporters, “I’m still married. I’m not divorced – God knows when we’ll be divorced, but I’m in no rush to get married or have kids.”

The new publication, retails at £3.99 an issue and is estimated to net her around £370,000 a year.

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