Katie Holmes loves Snail Gel products

Regular readers of Shoppersbase will already have heard of the amazing properties of snail gel products, as we have featured this weird and wonderful beauty treatment a few times on the site.

But for those who are not so familiar, perhaps a celebrity endorsement might convince them to try out this unconventional treatment for themselves. Friends of Tom Cruise’s ex – Katie Holmes, say that she used beauty products that contained snail slime, and to back up her claims on the efficacy of the product, sales in the UK alone have tripled.

© Holland & Barratt

© Holland & Barratt

Holland and Barratt starting stocking snail slime gel just over a month ago, and what with all the media attention focused on it right now, they have seen sales rise by 189%.

The beauty and health giving benefits of snail slime were first noticed by workers in Chile, who, whilst they were exporting the creatures to France, realised that if they had any cuts or blemishes on their hands, would heal quickly.

Experts in the beauty industry discovered that it was a natural compound called Helix Aspersia Muller, which is a unique substance, produced exclusively by the snail to quickly regenerate its own shell and skin when damaged. When laboratories analysed this natural extract, it was shown that it contained a unique balance of beneficial components including Glycolic Acid, Collagen, Elastin, Allantoin, Vitamins and Minerals.

The Holland & Barratt snail gel also has ingredients such as organic Aloe Vera and a blend of bioactive ingredients to soothe and hydrate the skin and costs £19.99 for a 50ml pot, and if you hurry, they are currently offering a buy 2 for £29.98 deal.

The snail gel treatments are a great alternative to people who want the beauty benefits of the snail substance, but cannot stand to have the actual creatures sliming all over their face, which is now available in parts of the UK. The first beauty salon to offer the snail treatment was Simply Divine salon in Corby, Northamptonshire, where specially farmed and trained snails are maneuvered over a client’s face, and the slime is directly therefore applied to the skin.



And the owner, Diane Gower says that her clients are very happy with the results, after their snail facial.

Dr Sunil Chopra, who consults on Channel Four’s Embarrassing Bodies is now testing the snail mucus, and states: “Snail mucus contains natural antibiotics and hyaluronic acid which hydrates the skin. The theory of the treatment is good, now we want to see all the data. The French have found a way to extract the mucus from snails and put it into skin care products but the live snails should be a lot more effective as its properties aren’t lost over time. I’m looking forward to conducting the study and finding out the results.”

So it might actually be better to have the live snails crawling over you, rather than merely apply the gel from a pot. But if you need any persuading not to go for the snail facial, listen to Dr Adam Friedman, a consultant at the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic, who says: “There are a lot of naturally occurring lubricants which can moisturise the skin. I don’t know that snails do this more than anything else.”

In the meantime, Snail Gel is available from Holland & Barratt for £19.99.

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