Kate & Pippa Middleton first to get Lancome’s Visionnaire Miracle Cream

One might argue that with both ladies under 30 years of age, the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister do not really need to splash out on any of the latest ‘miracle’ beauty potions. But I guess it is never too soon to start your beauty regime and with this in mind, Lancome have sent Kate and Pippa Middleton bottles of their new skin correcting serum – Visionnaire, the new beauty cream that claims to refine texture, reduce wrinkles and tighten pores. The new serum is proving to be so popular that already there are hundreds of pre orders after Selfridges were selling over 50 bottles a day in an exclusive two week campaign, and bottles are literally flying off the selves with thousands of women now on waiting lists so that they do not miss out when new stock arrives.

The new serum, which contains the compound LR2412, a ‘unique multi tasking beauty molecule’, is supposed to be so effective in correcting skin imperfections that it eradicates the need for minor cosmetic surgery and Botox. In trials conducted by Lancome, 88% of women that used Visionnaire noticed a visible improvement after usage and more than half of women who were considering a dermatological procedure decided to postpone it. Dr Chris Griffiths, the Dermatology Professor who carried out the trials at Manchester University commented, “The data is clinically convincing, we were impressed with what we saw. We can also say that it is absolutely safe.” Insider reports from Lancome have called the reaction to the cream, which costs £57 for a 30ml bottle ‘staggering.’ “No product has sold this fast before. The response has been astounding. We have never had such an important technological breakthrough, and never had such incredible independent test results. It’s smashed all expectations. Customers are signing up and pre-paying in their thousands across the country – it’s unheard of. It’s like a ghost town in head office – everyone is out on the high street trying to meet customers’ needs. It’s impossible to predict how many will eventually be sold, but we’re talking hundreds of thousands.

The product is set to be sold all across the country today and sales of the serum predicted to go through the roof when it goes on sale in the US. So does it really work or is it all hype? Well at £57 a bottle I can only hope that Lancome send me a freebie too.

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