Kate Middleton’s Secret Anti Ageing Product

Kate Middleton has been looking rather fabulous recently, wouldn’t you agree? I’m wondering whether marriage suits her, or could it possibly be that she has an anti ageing secret product that she has been using for years that actually works? Well, just between you and me, on the quiet I have heard that the Duchess adores a Swiss range of handmade products by Karin Herzog, that utilise oxygen trapped within the cream. They claim to infuse the skin with this healing oxygen and the creams are good for anti ageing and for spot and acne prone skin. Well if it’s good enough for the Duchess, we should look into this I figured.

So how does it work? Dr Paul Herzog believes that oxygen is vital for the skins energy and condition and that everyone needs to “detox”. Karin Herzog’s products will increase blood circulation and deliver oxygen. It is fundamental to detox and energise all skins. It is believed that 90% of diseases are caused by bacteria sitting on skin. As we age our skin has less energy and therefore is unable to absorb and utilize the essential nutrients from diet or supplements compared to that of a young child. The lower the oxygen, the lower the energy which results in higher bacteria and a build up of unwanted toxins. Without addressing this basic raw energy deficit within the skin, any products applied topically on the skin such as vitamin or essential oil based can only result in a marginal improvement. If the body could have anything it wanted to do this it would choose Oxygen, Water & Vitamins.

The favourite moisturising cream used by Kate Middleton, utilises oxygen to revitalise the skin. Dr Paul Herzog has researched ageing skin and found that from the age of 14 we get a decrease in the amount of oxygen pressure under the facial skin. By the time we reach 24 it can have dropped to 70%, but still remains higher on the rest of the body. The older we get the less oxygen we have available and we lose the capacity to effectively distribute oxygen around the body and our skin deteriorates. However, as far as ageing is concerned, the most dramatic evidence is seen in the skin of the face and hands. This is due to a slowing down in capillary activity which weakens the skins natural nutrition process and slows down cellular regeneration. There are no blood vessels in the outer layer of the skin. Capillaries are responsible for supplying the skin cells with nutrients. Circulation is never very good in the capillaries, but as we age they become less permeable and therefore allow less oxygen and nutrients into the skin.

Therefore, by using Karin Herzog’s creams on a regular basis, you can deliver the anti-bacterial properties of oxygen gas, and penetrate through the skin to spring clean the skin deep down and destroy the bacterial toxins clinging to the capillary walls. The water then helps to flush the toxins into the lymph system to be carried away. Karin Herzog’s formulas are said to work on 2 levels:

  • They spring clean and detox deep down, allowing the bodies’ natural delivery system to the skin work more effectively.
  • They deliver Oxygen, vitamins, glucose and water directly into the skin which after detoxing will increase natural Collagen production, which is reliant on oxygen levels.

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