Kate Middleton sparks bushy eyebrow effect!

It appears that the Kate effect has struck again, with treatments that promise healthy eyebrows similar to the Duchess of Cambridge selling out, with waiting lists of over 8,000 for the seaweed-based thickening gel. Such is the power of the new Duchess, that literally anything she wears sells out within hours and now it would seem that even her facial features are to be coveted as women are trying to emulate her healthy and full looking eyebrows. Gone is the trend for over plucked and thin brows, so fashionable with the late 90’s. Nowadays it is all about the face defining ‘Scouse’ brow and a full set of healthy looking eye brows that is en vogue.

Trouble is, once you have over plucked, it is very difficult for your eyebrows to grow back, and in some cases they may never, hence these expensive treatments. In fact, one Harley Street clinic stated that they have seen a huge spike in people wanting eyebrow-plumping surgery since Royal Wedding. These eye brow implants cost in the region of around £5,000 and are said to be a solution for those who have over plucked their eyebrows. Dr Raghu Reddy, one of the UK’s leading hair restoration experts, performs eyebrow transplants at The Private Clinic on Harley Street, using hair from behind the patient’s ears. The eyebrow transplant uses ‘third generation follicular unit extraction’ (3G FUE) to provide a solution for patients who have over-plucked their eyebrows beyond repair, or to those who are looking for a fuller brow. The eyebrow transplant enables those patients who would like a fuller, thicker brow to achieve that result. The operation lasts around 4-5 hours and is said to be virtually pain free. It involves using a special punch, less than 1mm in diameter, to remove hair follicles from behind the patient’s ear. The hair is then transplanted into the brow area. The hair will then grow gradually in its new location and you will start to see growth within 3-4 months. The treatment is minimally invasive, does not require any scalpels, stitches or linear scarring. It also comes with a lifelong guarantee for the number of hairs displaced. It costs between £4,000-£5,000, depending on the patient, the desired result and the number of hairs required. The treatment is walk-in, walk-out so no down time is required. For more information, visit theprivateclinic.co.uk.

Dr Reddy said: “We have witnessed interest in the eyebrow transplant procedure grow since around the time of the Royal Wedding and it has steadily risen. Now we have a healthy stream of women who come into the clinic and undergo the treatment. There is also greater awareness now of the procedure and the results it can achieve. While I do have patients who come to me who have over-plucked their brows, I also have women who come in with perfectly normal eyebrows, who are looking for a thicker, fuller brow to rival the likes of Kate Middleton. Today, women are more aware of the treatments available to them and more willing to consider treatment to achieve the look they desire.”

Not only is this new eye brow plumping technique available at clinic in Harley Street, but now a make-up company has also developed a brow-plumping product promising to give your eyebrows a make-over fit for a duchess. Eye Candy Lash-XLR8 promises ‘thicker eyebrows in four weeks’ and the product is now available in Boots. The new LashXLR8R is aimed at those who want to give their brows a natural boost, without the use of eyebrow pencils. The serum is already being hailed by make-up artists and has been proven strengthen and thicken lashes and eyebrows in just four weeks. Prior to its launch, the product had a waiting list of 8,000, but it is now available in Boots for £19.99. Developed in the UK, the brow-booster has been formulated with a unique liposome-based delivery system, containing natural seaweed extracts Laminaria Digitata and Pelvetia Canaliculata. These naturally occurring minerals are known to stimulate growth and increase brow density and lash length. The serum, which is paraben-free, also contains D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5) which helps to improve lash flexibility, the condition and moisturisation of both lashes and brows.

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