How did Kate Middleton lose her baby weight?

When Kate Middleton appeared for the first time with Prince William to an event at Angelsey after the birth of baby George, she wowed the waiting crowds with her super slim figure. Her post baby body was the subject of many headlines in newspapers the next days, and left many wondering, how did she manage to shift those baby pounds so quickly after the birth?

Kate Middleton & Prince William

Kate Middleton & Prince William

From what we could see, it looked like Kate was back to her original pre-pregnancy dress size, around a 6 to 8, after a mere five weeks of giving birth. So what was her secret? Bearing in mind she got up to a size 10 during her pregnancy, she had a bit of weight to lose.

But celebrity fitness expert Nicki Waterman reckons she knows exactly how the Duchess of Cambridge managed to lose the weight, and spoke to Now magazine to reveal her insight.

It seems that as Kate was fairly sporty before she got pregnant, she maintained this during her pregnancy with baby George, to keep up her fitness levels. If you are naturally an active person, you should find it easier to keep the weight off you while you progress through your pregnancy months, and therefore, you won’t actually put that much weight on to lose at the end.

It has been reported that Kate did a mixture of yoga, especially designed for ladies who are pregnant, and kept up her country walking with her dog Lupo, around her home in Bucklebury, something she continues to do now that she has given birth.

Nicki explains how she is managing to get the weight off in a sensible way: “She can’t do much exercise so soon after the birth but she’ll have gone back to eating healthily and being active as a hands-on mum.”

But for those who are taking the exact same route as Kate, and are not achieving the same results weight wise, there might be a reason for that, and there’s not much you can do about it, Nicki says: “Kate has a quick metabolism too because she’s an exercise fan.”

And if you tended to put on a lot of weight during your pregnancy, you are already at a disadvantage, as it appears that Kate hardly put on any weight, as Nicki reveals: “But the real secret is she didn’t put on much weight in the pregnancy in the first place.”

Nicki stresses however that it is important for women to lose their baby weight at a rate that is suitable for them, and not to rush into shifting the pounds too quickly. Women have post baby weight for a reason, and that is to be able to feed their baby the vital nutrients from breast milk, and to keep themselves healthy at the same time, as Nicki says: “It’s important that women lose weight slowly and stay healthy, especially if they’re breastfeeding as they need more calories.”

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