Kate Hudson shows off incredible abs as she reveals new Fabletics Range

Men love her, women want to be her, and whilst you might not get the chance to live her amazing life, now at least you can wear her clothes. Kate Hudson, the 35 year-old actress daughter of Goldie Hawn, showed off her incredibly toned body in a series of outfits all designed by her good self for her Fabletics range of sports wear.

© Fabletics

© Fabletics

The mum of two looked fit and ready for action as she modelled for a set of adverts to showcase her favourite pieces in her new summer collection, and in a interview with People, she disclosed why great looking clothes motivate her to stay active: “If you are going to be active, it starts with putting on your clothes. If you feel good in them you might want to show up to the spin class or yoga class.”

The Hollywood actress, who has appeared in films such as The Skeleton key and more recently Something Borrowed, said that the summer pieces from the Fabletics range are amongst her favourites. The aim of the collection was always to allow women to wear sports clothes after they had attended the gym, and to this end, Kate has incorporated some brighter colours and more interesting prints into the designs this time round.

She says: “We wanted to see how women responded to our basics and once we saw what’s working, we started to have more fun with prints and getting more fashion forward. I love the real colorful prints. I’m also really excited about our open back tees. They’re a little bit more loose.”

And the Fabletics range is also about feeling comfortable and not being constricted in what you are wearing: “I know for me, depending on what period in my life [I’m in], I like ones that cover the tushy. They’re slouchy and off the shoulder, really comfortable.”

© Fabletics

© Fabletics

Kate is a busy mum of two and juggles her acting career with looking after her two sons Ryder and Bingham, but she still manages to get in some keep fit time in the guise of a DVD or two: “I’m a DVD girl. I always go back to the Brazilian Butt lift DVD, which is really fun and a good workout for when you’re travelling. You can follow the program. Even if you are a mom, and you have a million things to do and the kids are at school, I love the DVDs. They make it hard to say you didn’t have the time.”

And if her clothes and DVD’s are not enough, she’ll stick on some motivating music to get her pumped up and ready for a session: “Music for me is one of the most motivating factors, maybe because I danced for a long time as a hobby.”

But they’re not all happy and upbeat songs: “Sometimes a really earnest sad depressing song will actually be what motivates me. I’ll just start doing really bad contemporary dance to some really emotional song. When I want a good workout I like old school hip hop — “Can I Kick It” always seems to get me revved up. Aerosmith’s Big Ones is also a great album to put on when working out — Steven Tyler at his best. It’s nostalgic and hard hitting. And then of course anything girlie. Beyoncé is great. Any of the beautifully empowered females.”

Check out the new range http://www.fabletics.com/.

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