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Emerson Karaoke System: GQ980 Professional Pedestal CDG

If you are looking for the karaoke equipment that will compliment your entertainment system at home then this is it. The Emerson GQ980 is everything you need in a karaoke machine and its style goes with the most modern home entertainment system you could have. You do not need to buy Karaoke CD’s or Video, because you can plug your iPod or MP3 player directly to it. This karaoke system also gives you a stage feeling to your party. The pedestal works almost like a podium with speakers that can be rotated to adjust audio and to make your party more “concert like”. Two microphones are included and the system itself already includes a hundred karaoke songs so you can start using it right away.

The Karaoke System: Singing Machine SMG-903 CD/CD+G

This is one of the most budget friendly karaoke systems in the market. The screen may be a little small for a party, as the screen is only 5 and a half inches big, and is black and white, but the Singing Machine SMG-903 Karaoke system includes a way to fix that. You can plug the karaoke machine to a TV and presto, you have a karaoke party. It also includes SMG-903 is a very good value for those looking for a basic Karaoke machine.  The only negative to it cannot be bypassed is the fact that you must use CDs or DVDs because it does not include plugs for your iPod or MP3 player.

Emerson DT558 Portable Karaoke DVD/CD+G System

For all the talk you hear when looking at karaoke machines being portable, the Emerson DT558 truly is portable. The unit is very light weight and can be taken anywhere you go, even if that place does not have electricity, because the Emerson DT558 can also be powered with C batteries. For a small unit it also includes things that the bigger “more professional” systems have. For example it includes a key change. The system only works with CDs and DVDs (no MP3s) but all the pluses make it well worth the value. Some karaoke systems of the size of the Emerson DT558 will only play the music without showing the lyrics, but the company managed to include the TV monitor without adding much weight and size to it.

 The Singing Machine SMVG-620

The Singing Machine’s SMVG-620 Model is the one that steps from a basic Karaoke machine to the next level. It is definitely the extra 20 dollars when compared to other machines in that range. This model includes KaraokeVision, and if you don’t know what that is prepared to be sold; Karaoke vision is a built-in camera that will allow you to superimposed the singer to the video. In other words it is almost as if you are making your own music video. The monitor is a 5.5 inch one like most karaoke machines, but it is in color and that in itself is good enough for the extra price. Plug it into a TV or DVD player to get the video on a larger size screen.

Acesonic PC Karaoke Start-Up Kit

Connect the Acesonic PC Karaoke Start-Up Kit to your TV, and you have one of the best start-up karaoke machines in the market. This is a mixer that allows you to get professional results when it comes to audio. In fact a lot of the bars and restaurants that do karaoke use this system to power their karaoke nights. The biggest advantage of this system is the way you actually get the songs to your TV. You can plug the mixer to your computer or even use MP3+G SD cards to get more songs in the system, making it one of the most economical ways to get a large collection of karaoke tracks.

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