Josie Gibson launches new fitness DVD after losing an incredible four stone

She was the overweight girl next door who stole our hearts in Big Brother 2010, and went to win, not only the programme, but the hunkiest male – JohnJames in the show. But although Josie always seemed to be happy with her weight, it was a photograph shot of her in a pink bikini on holiday that finally made her take drastic action. And Josie is so proud of her weight loss, that she had that photo blown up to life size and carried it with her to the studios, outside the Loose Women set, where she was set to appear on yesterday’s midday show.

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Copyright: WENN.com

Josie was keen to demonstrate her weight loss by wearing a gorgeous and unforgiving figure-hugging turquoise and blue bandage dress by Celeb Boutique. And to show the waiting paparazzi just how much weight she had lost, she held up the old cardboard photo of herself so that they could see the difference.

The former Big Brother contestant and winner was appearing on the ITV panel show to discuss her weight loss, and to promote her new fitness DVD – 30-Second Slim. And whilst on the show, Josie promised that she had seen the end of yo-yo dieting and binge eating, stating that she will never go back to her old ways of doing things.

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Copyright: WENN.com

Speaking about her weight loss in an interview recently, the one-time former sales rep who won the eleventh series of Big Brother said: “Its taken me over six months to lose nearly 4st and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. In fact, from now on you’ll probably be confusing me with Miranda Kerr. Kind of. I’ll honestly never be fat again.”

Josie has tried many diets before, and is well known for having weight problems, but it was that photograph that made her want to tackle her weight head on. She previously said: “Before I lost weight I was nearly size 20 and my only exercise was partying. I’ve tried all the diets – I did the Cambridge Diet and lasted from the meeting until I got home! They gave me all the bits and pieces but I ate a week’s worth of food on the spot, then stopped for a kebab.”

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Copyright: WENN.com

81SyckYnmKL._AA1500_Josie’s DVD 30 Second Slim has been created by her personal trainer James Stark, and is based on the latest science of High Intensity Interval Training. It’s just 30 seconds of sweat, followed by an active rest.

James says: “Laboratory tests show it burns fat faster than any other form of exercise,” while Josie reckons, “it’s great if you’re a bit lazy like me ‘cos the hard bit only lasts 30 seconds at a time!”

Three 20-minute workouts build in intensity from Level 1 to Level 3. In each there’s…

  • WARM-UP: 4 minutes of easy calorie-burning moves.
  • MAIN WORKOUT: 12 minutes of fat-burning intervals & moves to tone up the bum, arms and belly.
  • COOL DOWN: 4 minutes of stretches to lengthen the muscles.

Josie says: “Let’s face it I was a real porker, but this did it for me–so go for it. All you’ve got to lose is your love handles!”

To buy Josie Gibson’s 30 Second Workout for £12.99 visit Play.com

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