Jodie Marsh in Saucy Promo Shoot for Nutritional Supplements

With her new scarlet hair, it’s only right that Jodie Marsh is making a bit of a name for herself as a scarlet lady. In a latest promotional shoot for her new range of nutritional supplements to aid with weight loss or muscle gain, Ms Marsh is seen cavorting about with her beau – Kirk Norcross, and let’s just say, the pair are not shy!

Kirk and Jodie were partially clothed in a range of union jack knickers and shirts, with Jodie wearing a leather bra at one point and they were draped over each other as if the brief was ‘Get a Room!’ Jodie, 33, who is trying out a career as a bodybuilder, was already excited before the camera started snapping as Jodie tweeted to her fans, ‘Releasing these amazing pics of me & @kirk_official is gonna be tough. There are 70 pics split between 10 different AMAZING sets…….cont. there’s naked ones, Olympic ones, funny ones, sexy snogging ones, hardcore ones, very rude ones, Kirk as a woman & muscle ones xx.’

Kirk, 24, is a little younger than Jodie but they seem to be perfectly matched with Jodie telling Reveal Magazine, “I’ve had a lot of bad experiences with men who turned out to be weirdos. So last year something switched in my brain and I just decided to save myself for someone special.” So could Kirk be the one? “I think he could be.

But I honestly don’t know. I’ve been celibate for so long that I feel like a virgin again. And I’m a bit scared of sex now. I’m scared of giving myself to someone.” Kirk jokes with her during the interview saying, “I can’t even say we’re friends with benefits because I’m not getting the benefits.” And Jodie makes it quite clear when they will be able to sleep together by adding, “I want you to say you love me, that you want to marry me and have babies…”

Although Kirk and Jodie have only been dating for a few weeks, they have known each other for years as Jodie used to be a regular of the Sugar Hut nightclub in Brentwood, which is owned by Kirk’s father Mick. They recently came in contact with each other again when Jodie entered the Celebrity Big Brother House earlier this year as a guest and Kirk was a housemate. But enough of all that! The whole point is to promote the nutritional range of supplements so here is a word or two from Jodie herself:

“The range has been developed by myself and JST Nutrition to accommodate both men and women. There’s something for everyone; whether you’re looking to burn fat and lose weight, tone up, or bulk up and build muscle or just get that added boost of energy needed for gym motivation, there’s a product there for you! I am confident we have one of the best products on the market and that bodybuilders, gym addicts and your average person wanting to be healthier will fall in love with my range, as I have! I used these products exclusively for my training for my last competition, which I won – these really are the “diet of a champion” ;-)

I am also confident that I have the best flavours available, ranging from Banoffee Pie to Hazelnut Praline, Black Cherry & Chocolate Chip Cookie. I have in total 13 different flavours spread over the 8 products. They mix up easily, and personally, where I’ve found other proteins can get sickly after a while, I find the flavours of my own to be addictive and delicious. After 16 weeks on the Cappuccino flavour alone, I’m still not bored of it. These have to be tried to be believed! I am so proud of what we’ve developed here and I can’t wait for everyone to try them. Let’s all get fit together. Eat clean, train dirty.” X x x

Jodie M

All the products from Jodie are system certified to ISO9001 quality to ensure that no contamination occurs, offering complete peace of mind. JST Jodie® have a whole collection of supplements to aid with weight loss or muscle gain, and are always here to assist with sports supplements and sports nutrition advice.

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