JobLens: The new app for jobseekers

joblensIt’s an app which should certainly prove popular in these uncertain times. Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has launched a new way to help jobseekers find employment.

Users can simply point their camera at the place where they want to find work, and the app shows them all the relevant job openings in the area.

The app was revealed during a soft launch in the US back in July, and it is now available in the UK.

As Nokia’s Bryan Biniak put it while speaking at the launch event: “You cannot get a job without a phone”. And, launching in the UK, the firm said in a new statement: “The app enables job seekers to view many of the current 500,000 plus open job vacancies in the UK, allowing you to filter them by company, by keyword, or by distance and salary range.”

joblens imageThe app also works through users linking up as many of their social profiles as possible, including social and professional networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to JobLens. That means it can then focus on the type of work the user will be looking for. It searches through all your contacts, trying to find connections who might have vacancies.

“Users can view vacancies on a map,” explained Nokia, “or, on select Lumia devices, using augmented reality. It even lets you identify people in your social networks who work at the hiring company.”

You can also alter your settings to tailor you job search based on what qualifications you have and what salary you expect to receive.

Once you find a job which seems to meet your requirements, you can upload your CV onto Microsoft’s SkyDrive, which allows you to joblens picturestore and access images and documents online. JobLens then sends it over to the employer.

But, it doesn’t stop there. If you’re lucky enough to get through to the interview stage, then JobLens works with Nokia’s HERE Maps to make sure you know where you’re going.

JobLens also helps you prepare for your interview – estimating and comparing salaries for every position you look at by working with Payscale, before showing users related company and financial news, to make sure you’re up to speed with key issues and developments in a particular firm or industry.

joblens picIt also helps you to decide whether you want to work in a particular neighbourhood, retrieving information from data.gov.uk, including statistics on housing and demographics.

Focusing on the youth market, the overall aim, says Nokia, is “making it easier for job seekers to find new opportunities,” giving “Nokia Lumia owners an advantage in today’s job market.”

And, although the number of people out of work is falling, down by 57,000 according to the latest statistics, with 2.51m people still struggling to find a job in the UK, anything which helps has to be a plus.

Available exclusively for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, JobLens can be downloaded from Windowsphone.com.

If successful, the JobLens concept could be expanded by Nokia to feature property search and similar location-based services.

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