Jimmy Carr’s Father Speaks Out About Comedian Son

Jimmy_CarrIn a frank interview with the Mail on Saturday, the father of shamed tax avoider Jimmy Carr has spoken out about his sadness over his son’s public humiliation over recent comments about his involvement in the legal tax avoidance scheme. Jim Carr, who ironically is an accountant, had previously urged his son back in 2003, when he first began to earn a proper living as a comedian, to stay away from such schemes and advisers. But as we all saw last week, he did not take his father’s advice and ended up making a very public apology to his fans, as it was revealed that he is one of many who get out of paying the proper amount of tax on his high earnings, by investing in the K2 scheme that enables him to pay as little as one per cent tax.

And you would think that Jimmy’s father would be ideally placed to offer his son financial advice but the pair have been estranged for eight years, after a court case in which Jimmy and his older brother bought against Jim, accusing him of ‘harrassing the family’. The case was thrown out of court and Jim Carr secured apologies from both sons but the victory was hollow in that neither of them now speak to him. And he does not know why. He has a feeling that it began when he asked his son to contribute to his own living expenses, “Perhaps, after years of drawing pretty much full-time on the Bank of Dad, he saw this as a hostile act, despite the fact he was earning well in the region of £750,000 a year. Certainly he enjoyed his comfort-able lifestyle: Gucci suits, Prada shoes. I’m not bragging, it’s not in my nature, but I do wonder if this is what rankles: that he can’t even bear to admit the debt he owes me.”

Up until this point, Jim Carr had financed his son’s career, even setting up a management company – JC Productions to help his son. “I covered all his bills, too, even buying his clothes. I was happy to do so; he was my son and, like any father, I wanted to help him pursue his dream — so much so that in 1999 I’d set up JC Productions, designed to promote Jimmy’s first faltering steps in showbusiness and through which I paid all of his bills for many years.” But this has been seemingly forgotten as Jimmy Carr has now banned his father from attending any of his shows. “Having bought a ticket by credit card for a show at the Oxford Playhouse, on arrival I was told by the theatre management that they had been asked by ‘Jimmy’s people’ not to admit me. They were genuinely upset, but said they had no option but to adhere to what they called the ‘artist’s wish’, refund me the admission and ask me to leave.” It was not always like this however, as Jimmy credited his father before his first big appearance on The Royal Variety Show, “My faith, if not my money, was repaid: at the end of the 2002, Jimmy was invited to appear on the Royal Variety Performance, a huge honour and a signal that he had finally ‘arrived’. ‘Thanks for everything, Dad, love you,’ he told me as he gave me details of the venue, date and time.”

Jimmy Carr has been out on the road and had his first gig since the tax avoidance furore started and audiences were keen to rib him about it. As he was heckled by members in the audience he replied, ‘Fair enough, I knew this was going to come up. I’ve been a ****, let’s get on with the show shall we?’ But the audience continued to tease him with one woman responded to a joke about teachers’ working hours by saying: ‘At least we pay our taxes.’ As for his father, he is already thinking about his son’s next material for gags in his shows, “Already, I can imagine Jimmy’s punchy one-liner at his next stand-up show: ‘I never repaid Dad — I thought the K2 loans were the same.’”

Source – Mail Online

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