Jessie J Takes on Tulisa as they Both Release Autobiographies

They have been rivals in the music charts, and now the battle has commenced in the literary stakes as Jessie J and Tulisa ramped up publicity for their respective autobiographies this week. Both ladies have undergone a radical image change recently, with Jessie J now without the cute short bob cut and fringe that made her instantly recognisable and Tulisa swapping her brunette tresses for a more blonde bombshell look. 24 year old Jessie J was snapped in Waterstones bookshop Piccadilly yesterday, wearing a fabulous purple leopard print top and leather pants, sporting bright red lipstick, red statement pendant and nail polish to match. Whilst Tulisa opted for a more risque outfit that clearly showed off her assets to her adoring public, males in particular!

Jessie J was at Waterstones to sign copies of her book ‘Nice To Meet You’, in which she talks about her rise to fame and her early days in the music industry. Famed for her eccentric style of dressing, Jessie J has apparently been undergoing a little bit of a style revolution at present, after splitting with her long-term stylist Karl Willett.

Willett was responsible for her entire wardrobe throughout her time on the BBC talent show The Voice. However, it was here that she was introduced to Cobbie Yates, who just so happens to be the stylist brother of presenter and radio DJ Reggie Yates. And was on hand to dress his sibling. Liking his style, Jessie soon ditched Willett and employed Cobbie’s services to give her entire wardrobe a reshuffle, after she grew tired of her old image.

In an interview with Grazia magazine, she said: “I started to look like a cartoon character with the fringe and the cat suits. Yes, I want to change and mix it up. I want to change my hair, change my style. I want to be allowed to grow.” And after debuting a new look at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards in London earlier this month, she tweeted why she had finally dumped the black bob and fringe: “It’s time to move on from the black bob people. Its OK. Its gonna be OK lol. I had it for 5 years. #itsjusthair #timeforachange.”

Meanwhile, over at WH Smith in Milton Keynes, Tulisa is doing the promotional rounds with her new book ‘Honest’. Wearing a super cute posh prom frock in monochrome, she showed the eager crowds why she is such an attraction for her N-Dubz male fans, as she revealed probably a little more cleavage than she intended to.

The 24 year songstress was in town to sign copies of Honest: My Story So Far and did not appear to realise how much flesh she was showing off, much to her fans delight! And the saucy minx was also pictured standing in front of JK Rowling’s new tome A Casual Vacancy to boot! The X Factor judge and mentor finished her sultry look with a pair of studded shoes and golden tumbling locks, complete with nude natural make up.

The outfit was a far cry from her cover up in a cream jumper and jeans she wore for an interview at BBC Radio One that afternoon. She told the station about a possible reunion with N-Dubz bandmates: “I was with Dip Daps the other day and I was around his house having a little heart to heart. We got all emosh and said that we miss being in the band. We’re lonely as solo artists and let’s reunite next year. So we’re going to do it.” Tulisa’s autobiography charts her success with her band N-Dubz and also documents her teenage drug-taking and losing her virginity at the tender age of 14.

You can buy Jessie J’s Pleased to Meet You and Tulisa’s Honest: My Story So Far at Amazon

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