Jessica Alba publishes a book on healthy living – The Honest Life

Jessica Alba has what most of us can only dream of; a fantastic film career, stunning good looks, a perfect marriage and two adorable children. But now the actress and mother has turned to the healthy side, and taken a leaf out of Gywneth Paltrow’s book, as she is publishing her first book on how to live a healthy life.

Jessica Alba holding her new book "The Honest Life"

Jessica Alba holding her new book “The Honest Life” – Getty Images

Called The Honest Life, Jessica was inspired to start researching living a healthier lifestyle when she first became pregnant, and wanted to eat more natural products. She told US Weekly: “When I was pregnant, I wanted to eliminate any potential health risks, so I was searching for green products at the time, but it was all so confusing,” she added: “I realized that a lot of those products had brown or beige packaging, but in the end, they were really just better for the planet, but not for people.”

She also revealed that a big part of the reason for creating the Honest Company was when she herself suffered a reaction to a baby product: “I had an allergic reaction to this quote/unquote baby detergent and I was like if this is making me have a reaction what will it do to my child?

And I did a lot of research and I found out that there’s lots of toxic chemicals in everything from baby detergent to shampoos and other cleaning products. So it began and created the honest company because I was like families need one trusted company that has high quality, high performance products that don’t have toxic chemicals.”

Jessica Alba standing besides baby detergent to shampoos and other cleaning products - Getty Images

Getty Images

So determined to do something about it, she created her brand new company – The Honest Company, and met up with entrepreneur Brian Lee and environmental advocate Christopher Gavigan and developed green, non-toxic baby products for her new firm. The non-toxic products proved to be such a success, that she decided to take the whole concept one step further, and write about her own lifestyle, in a book, which include handy DIY tips, healthy recipes, help with decor, beauty products, style, parenting, and fun DIY crafts.

She has hinted that there may even be an up and coming ‘green’ makeup line.

Jessica is currently embarking on a huge US book signing tour to promote The Honest Life, which includes appearances on US TV shows such as Good Morning America and MTV’s Nikki & Sara LIVE. In true celebrity style, she tweeted a big thank-you to her five million followers, and to the fans who had turned up to see her in Pasadena for a book signing, on her Twitter page: ‘Thank you for coming out to #Vromans in Pasadena for #thehonestlife! Have a gr8 weekend! Post ur pix from the signing w #thehonestlife!’

Jessica is currently embarking on a huge US book signing tour to promote The Honest Life - Jessica Alba/Instagram

Jessica Alba/Instagram

The actress appeared more than happy to pose for pictures and sign copies of her book, and posted a picture of herself with a young fan, up on Instagram.

Comparisons are already being made with Jessica and Gywneth Paltrow, who for a long time has espoused the benefits of living a green and healthy life. For Jessica however, this book is for real people, and she sees it as more of a plan for those who want to raise a family whilst also care for the Earth at the same time.

Speaking to Hollywood Gossip, she said: “I always thought that being healthy or green or eco or whatever was an extreme lifestyle. I’m not a vegan, I don’t live off the grid, I don’t wear hemp every day. I don’t have time! I have two jobs, I have two kids, I have a husband, friends and family to care about. I have so much to do in my life, and all I want to do is make healthier choices that are realistic and inexpensive.”

Jessica Alba holding her new book "The Honest Life"

Getty Images

You can find out more about The Honest Company at honest.com.

The Honest Life costs $22.99 and is available from the website.

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