Jess Glynne x Bench: Singer launches streetwear fashion collection

Jess Glynne

Jess Glynne is the latest musician to launch a fashion collection. She has released a range of urban streetwear with young British brand Bench.

The capsule collection features black and electric blue pieces, all designed for modern life. Jess has clearly taken inspiration from her own fashion wardrobe, as the collection is littered with nods to her on-stage attire. There are batwing bomber jackets, printed crop tops, and figure-grabbing jumpsuits.

Jess Glynne x Bench - spring/summer collection

The spring/summer collection follows on from the very successful autumn range which Jess fronted. That particular campaign was part of the #LoveMyHood promotion, in which musicians from around the globe participated in their own neighbourhood.

Jess Glynne x Bench - spring/summer collection

To promote the campaign, Jess released a video clip where she sings the praises of North London. She also shows her fans a glimpse of her private life as she takes them around Alexandra Place, her West London studio and Soho.

Jess Glynne x Bench

“I grew up next to Alexandra Palace which is such an iconic place. If someone had said to me then “Oi jess, you’re going to be playing there 10 years later” I think I would have laughed in their face. I’m sitting here now having just played there, and I think it was probably one of the most memorable gigs I have ever played,” she says.

The Grammy award-winning singer has had an amazing impact on both sides of the pond, with her debut album ‘I Cry When I Laugh’, which has reached double platinum and received rave reviews.

Jess Glynne x Bench

The Hold My Hand singer has also been nominated three times for the Brit Awards in 2016 and her song ‘Take Me Home’ was the official BBC Children In Need single in 2015.

Jess is following in the footsteps of many other musicians who have gone down the fashion route. These singers include Rihanna, who collaborated with RiverIsland.com, Kate Hudson who collaborated with Ann Taylor, and Kate Bosworth who designed for Topshop.com.

There’s also the celebrities such as Beyoncé who released her own fashion label Ivy Park, and Jessica Simpson, Madonna and Gwen Stefani who all started up their very own clothing brand.

Jess Glynne x Bench - reversible gold bomber jacket

The Jess x Bench range includes affordable pieces such as a reversible gold bomber jacket for £70, a jumpsuit with bustier for £60, harem pants for £35 and a sweat coat for £70.

As for fashion, Jess has made no secret that her love for brands comes a close second to her music, as she was spotted on the front row at Stella McCartney recently. And one look at her Instagram account shows a penchant for all things Gucci.

Jess Glynne x Bench - spring/summer collection

The new collection is a perfect mix between the singer/songwriter’s signature stage pieces and Manchester’s casual vibe. The press statement says the clothes are “24 hour life staples that can be dressed up or down,” which suggests they are basics that can be glammed up with a few glitzy pieces.

Jess Glynne x Bench - jeans, legging and Jacket

The singer is on tour at the moment, but before she headed off she spoke of her love of working with other musicians, and of her home town: “One of the best things about making music is getting to collaborate with other artists. London is home to so many amazing artists – it’s the right place to be right now.”

Jess x Bench is available here.

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