Jennifer Lopez body lotion (Glow JLO)

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A beautiful skin is what every woman out there will dream of.  A flawless skin might not be a God’s gift for several women but getting it now is quite possible. There are several skin care products available in the market that will make your skin look and feel better and in fact, beautiful. There are the organic ones that will help you get beautiful skin naturally.

Then there are also those that contain chemicals. You can opt for simply anything that suits your skin type. But, if you are someone who wants to look and feel the way celebrities do, then you will want to opt for products they endorse. One of such product that is gaining wide popularity simply because of the celebrity status associated with it is the Jennifer Lopez body lotion.

Glow JLO body lotion

Jennifer Lopez, a renowned celebrity known for years, especially for her

Glow JLO body lotion

Jennifer Lopez Body Lotion

outstanding glamour, launches her line of beauty and glamour products from her design house named Jennifer Lopez.

Glow Jlo is one among her leading product launched till date. This classy body lotion with flowery fragrance was launched in 2002. Prepared by the blends of flowers, fruits and amber with a mixture of vanilla, this skin care product gives you the cool touch during the hot sunny days. The fragrance is something that you are sure to love.

The fragrance hangs on for quiet a long time unlike from even the normal perfumes which dissipate just after few minutes you wear on them.

Glow JLO – Love and Glamour

The Glow Jlo also offers you a variety of fragranced lotion to suit the kinds of skin and for different climates. You find other collections like the Love and Glamour, which brings in the beauty and excitement that defines the diva, Jennifer Lopez. So if you are looking at bringing out the diva in you, the Love and glamour lotion by J’Lo is what you should opt for. This particular body lotion contains the fragrance of flowers with mixed extracts of guava, nectarine, orchids and water lilies, sandalwood and musk, bringing in the most of the natural beauty to your skin.

Glow JLO – The Glow after dark body lotion

Another body lotion for your choice list could be The Glow after Dark Body lotion. This one is made with cherry notes of Mandarin, white cherry and passion fruit, pinches of the jasmines, peony, rose and orange flowers, pink musk, tree moss and patchouli – all in just a little bottle.

You may also opt for the latest still 2011 collection named Still Jennifer Lopez, if you want something to wear when you are out enjoying the night life of the downtown. This lotion contains the aroma of white sentimental flowers, giving you a cool feel whole night. Other options could be the Jennifer Lopez Love and Light, or the Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe Body Lotion, The JLO Blue Glow, DESEO by Jennifer Lopez and many more.

Not only do these body lotions give your skin additional beauty and a star-like glamour, these lotions have several features that make them stand better to perfumes. These lotions contain pediatrician tested formula.

Apart from giving fragrance, they make adult skin soft and glow like that of a baby. Unlike the other lotions, they are quiet safe to use on children too. Some lotions are used as lotion cum sunscreens, which contain special chemicals for the UV protection.

Being one of the classiest and branded forms of beauty care, the Jennifer Lopez lotion products are the best ones to be gifted to brides for their special day.

These glamorous body lotions will make the bride’s skin glow with golden radiance making her feel beautiful. Jennifer Lopez body lotions like Glow JLO are definitely some of the best skin care products that you will ever find if beauty and glamour is what you are looking for.

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