Jennifer Aniston to Launch New Shampoo Range?

It would certainly make sense for the woman that single-handedly created a new hair style over night, to be involved in a new shampoo creation. And it seems that this is exactly what Jennifer Aniston is doing, after it emerged that she has become the co-owner of Living Proof, the Massachusetts-based hair care company. The Friends actress, who made the ‘Rachel Cut’ the hair style that every woman wanted, back in the 90’s, is said to be ‘spokesperson and product creator’ for the beauty company, according to reports from their website. The actress, 43, who was recently seen sporting a huge engagement ring bearing a massive eight carat diamonds, given to her by her beau Justin Theroux, is fronting the premium hair care campaign, which is favoured by high-end stylists and salons.

It is not known how much Living Proof have paid for their beautiful star, but if she takes a leaf out of her ex husband’s book, Brad Pitt is supposedly receiving around $7 million for his role in the up and coming Chanel No.5 promotions. And in all honesty, ounce for ounce, we reckon that Living Proof shampoo probably costs around the same price, as an 8ox bottle of the stuff retails for about $24. This could be because of the patent protected formula which helps to fight frizz and is fabulous at boosting volume. And since the launch of the company, back in 2004 by MIT professor and biotech inventor Dr Bob Langer, its products have featured on both Dr Oz and Oprah.

Dr Bob Langer is very proud of the hair car range, and says on the Living Proof website that he ‘discovered that, for both hair and skin products, the beauty industry has relied on the same off the shelf ingredients, most of them far too ineffective to make any real, long lasting impact. This inspired our founders to create new technologies that would offer women “proof in a bottle,” rather than “hope in a bottle.”‘ This is not the first time Ms Aniston has fronted a successful ad campaign; she appeared in a L’Oréal hair spray in the Nineties and she launched her first fragrance with the Falic Fashion Group in 2010.

When she launched her fragrance in 2010, Aniston spoke about how it felt to create her very own product: “The way I was approached, given such involvement, I never felt like, ‘Oh, gosh, I shouldn’t do this,’” she said at the time. “And if something is good, it doesn’t matter if the marketplace is crowded. I thought it was an opportunity to go behind the scenes, and if it feels good, why not go for it? It’s like being a producer and knowing the writers and stirring up ideas as opposed to being an actor for hire.”

Jill Beraud, the CEO of Living Proof posted this statement on the website: “We are thrilled to announce that we’ve joined creative forces with Jennifer Aniston as she becomes a co-owner and hair care spokesperson of Living Proof. Jennifer embodies everything we stand for – a unique combination of beauty and brains. She not only has the most fabulous hair but is an amazing creative talent, and has shown she is a savvy businesswoman with a serious interest in developing small, innovative companies.” Whilst Jennifer talks about why she loves Living Proof products: “What caught my attention about Living Proof is the company’s unique approach to hair care – using scientific technologies to offer women actual proof in a bottle rather than hoping for results. Over the years, my hair has been subjected to everything…blow dryers, flatirons, curling irons, color, extensions, you name it,” says Jen. “After using these products, I felt like I finally discovered a solution that works every day.”

Photo Credits: Living Proof

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