Jazz up your shoes with Blingbacks shoe accessories!

Comfort and style, that’s what we love here at Shoppersbase, so when we heard about a new fashion trend that promised both, we sat up and took notice! New Blingbacks shoe accessories are being hailed as the party season’s must have jewellery. And not only are they bling-tastic, but the backs of them fit comfortably inside your shoe, and stop any rubbing or slipping as they are made from silicon.

These new shoe accessories are perfect for taking your tired old court shoes and giving them a total make-over, ready for you to step into the nearest club or party. And how convenient?! Instead of having to carry a different pair of shoes with you to the office, just pop a packet of these Blingbacks in your handbag, and get set to party on all night!

Shoe jewellery is nothing new, as back in the 1980’s, many ladies took vintage clip-on earrings and attached those to the back of their shoes, to create a whole new look. The problem with this DIY accessorising however, was that the clips on the earrings were uncomfortable against the heel. With Blingbacks, the built-in soft silicon membrane provides heel protection and stops them from rubbing and slipping. There are seven unique styles all available on either black or clear silicon so they work with any shoe colour.

Blingbacks at London Fashion Week 2012

  • Blingbacks shoe jewellery has a built-in soft silicon membrane providing heel protection
  • The silicon is medical grade so will cause no irritation
  • Just hook them over the back of your shoes to cushion your heels
  • A tiny rubber lip creates a cushion between the heel and rim of the shoe
  • Super slim, non-slip design
  • Can be removed easily without damaging the shoe

Accessorise your shoes with Blingbacks, a shoe jewellery collection with a twist, the perfect way to transform your shoes from day to-night. Blingbacks are available at many retail outlets, including Debenhams, and cost between £14 and £16 per pair.

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