Japanese Heat Technology now available in huge range of clothing

With the winter temperatures set to drop drastically over the next few weeks, and concerns of rising energy bills fuelled by the latest announcement from E.ON, who are the last of the Big Six energy companies to increase their gas and electricity tariffs, many people are looking to alternative ways to keeping themselves warm over the coldest season.

Luckily, with recent technological breakthroughs in heat retention, clothing has become a major factor in keeping warm, and people are no longer having to turn up the heating in order to stave off the cold. We featured last week, the best selling self heating thermals, available from Asda, that have become this years must have garments, and we can now announce that a Japanese firm have also come up with some heat retaining technology, but this time they are not limiting their clothing to just sleep wear or traditional thermals.

Available from online store Uniqlo, there is a huge collection of Heat Tech clothing, for men and women, that include underwear, tops, bottoms, turtle neck jumpers, bras and knickers, leggings, socks, stoles, neck warmers, room wear and polo necks. And if you think that heat tech clothing has to be uniform and boring, think again, as there is a range of Orla Kiely heat tech garments that start at an incredible £9.99 for turtle neck jumpers!

Orla Kiely Heat Tech

The technology is similar to the one featured in the Asda sleepwear garments in that, moisture from your body is turned into heat and retained by the fibres in the clothing. What happens is that water vapour typically escapes in normal clothing, but in Heat Tech garments, the fibres trap the water and convert it into heat, as the clothing has an innovative base layer in which there are air pockets within the fibres.

With a room temperature of 66 degrees F and a humidity of 50 degrees F, the body temperature is shown to increase after ten minutes. Heat Tech retains that heat by creating insulating micro acrylic air pockets and the body generated heat is not allowed to escape. As a result, excellent heat retention is achieved on a micro level with a single strand of yarn. Micro yarn is one tenth the thickness of a human hair. So the secret of staying warm is that moisture is turned into heat, and that heat is retained.

The Heat Tech fibres contain milk proteins with natural amino acids, that make the fabric soft and smooth to the touch. A special anti-bacterial agent is present in the fibres to prevent odours. The garments stretch to maximise comfort and give you a fantastic fit. The fibres are designed to be anti static to reduce discomfort from electricity build up. All clothing made with Heat technology is highly durable and is designed to maintain its shape, despite repeated washing.

To view the huge range of Heat Tech clothing, visit the Uniqlo website.

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