Janet Jackson is the New Face of Nutrisystem

Speaking on Good Morning America, Janet Jackson told her host, Juju Chang, what it was like growing up in the media and facing taunts about her yo yo weight. Janet has long been seen losing the pounds and then piling them on again but this time wants to help others with their weight battles by becoming the new face and body of the American weight loss company, Nutrisystem.

Janet looked every bit the part as she was dressed in a slim fitting white jacket and told her host that the reason she stepped up to the plate for Nutrisystem was that she liked the way it encouraged maintenance, which is essential in the weight-loss process. She said, “It’s a matter of learning how to keep it off, that maintenance and they have a program for that. My success plan is to be healthy and feel good about me.”

Janet also spoke about her battle with her own self image which had seen her weight plummet and soar over her time in the spotlight. “It stemmed from when I was a kid, being a baby of the family, you know you get teased,” she said. Chang questioned Janet about whch member of her family teased her saying, “And Michael (Jackson) would tease?” as she referred to Janet’s revelations in her book ‘True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yours’, that her late brother used to joke about her size. “Yeah about my butt being too big, and I carried that through my adult life, but they were just names of endearment,” she responded. And it appears that the teasing and abuse started early on in Janet’s life.

The superstar commented that when she was 10-years-old she was criticised about her weight. Evidently a wardrobe assistant on a TV show called Good Times, spoke to her about her breasts which were too big and said that they would have to tape them down. This comment seems to have stuck with Janet as even when she was super slim and toned and showing off her figure in an midriff baring tops, she was still not happy with herself.

“I didn’t like it. We always find something wrong in us. Somewhere. If it’s not our arms, it is our thighs… I would pick myself apart,” she told Chang. Now however, it appears that Janet is at last happy with her weight and is an ideal role model for Nutrisystem.

She endorsed the program as “Nutrisystem provides weight loss products and services to subscribers, with a mission to ‘provide a weight loss program based on quality foods and a nutritionally balanced meal plan.” Janet has also been working out with personal trainer Dolvett Quince, who has been working with Justin Bieber and who has recently joined the U.S. version of The Biggest Loser later this year as the show’s new fitness trainer.

Janet admits that she was at her heaviest in the height of her fame in the Eighties, and was as much as 60lb heavier just four years ago. These days Janet says that she manages to maintain a healthy weight through eating the right foods and exercising. And using the Nutrisystem of course!

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