Jack-of-All-Trades: Why the iPod Touch is the Best Device for Carrying Media

The iPod Touch

The iPod Touch

The iPod Touch has been one of the most popular mobile media devices because of its innovative and fun features that changed how people consumed different types of media – from music, videos to games.  Many people think that this device is a simpler version of the iPhone because of its many similarities in physical design as well as the software and applications that run on it.  It is also available in 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB like the iPhone, but it also has a 64 GB unit that is designed for people who like to bring lots of music and videos with them everywhere they go.

The thing that made the iPod Touch really popular and set it apart from the previous iPod incarnations is of course its touch screen capabilities.  You can execute commands just by touching the surface of the screen in order for the device to run the applications that you want.  This smart technology has won the hearts of many people because of its ease of use.  The device uses a capacitor that detects the touch and pressure of a person’s fingers and this has been smartly incorporated to a mobile media device that made it intuitive for its users.

The iPod Touch has a lot of features that makes it an exciting device to use.  Primarily, the iPod was a music device that let users to bring their MP3 and digital music files along with them anywhere they went.  The high disk space or memory made it appealing for people who love music as they can store a lot of music files in their device and bring it around easily, instead of bringing lots of CDs or cassette tapes along with them.  The Touch expanded this feeling of being able to bring your library with you with other forms of media such as videos as with its colored screen, you are able to view videos like movies and television series anywhere you go.  There are also lots of game developers that created content for the Touch that played on its touch screen capabilities to make fun games.  Even high profile game developers that used to only produce games for video game consoles created games for the device because of its strong user base.  With Apple’s App Store, people were able to buy content easily as new stuff were added in daily to make the use of the iPod Touch more fun.

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