Issues in Education

Education is a very important thing in our lives. It has the power of making us a man of character or breaking a man of a character. Education not only helps us in providing knowledge but also develops us mentality, physically, the capacity to think rationally and also paves the way for our success. There lies a hindrance in the way of development of children in schools and colleges. They are usually are related to some of the issues which have not yet been eradicated from the system of education. Let us see what the issues which plague our system of education are.

• Emotional issues: – nowadays it has been seen that families face a lot of problems. They bicker or argue and some even file a divorce against their spouses. Brining up a child in such tensed atmospheres sometimes hamper the development of the emotional side of the kid. This might also affect his or her performance in the school. However, it has also been seen that children growing in homes where both the parents are present might not be completely well-developed when emotional matters are concerned. This is because nowadays almost every parents work for which they are not able to give their kids enough time.

• Issues of gender: – gender discrimination is one of the issues which has been a pestilence since history. There are many villages all around the world where girls do not get education or very less education. Boys are always given a preference and girls have no or fewer opportunities in life. Even girls are not expected to score much in exams. It is not a just discrimination that the people have had been having.

• Issues related to economy: – economic issues are also one of the principle problems faced by education. Not all students can afford all kinds of learning techniques. Students who come from poor families and families that cannot afford much are not adept to technology. Since technology is very important now, these students lag behind students who have good skills in technology when jobs are concerned.

• Cultural issues: – it has been seen that there is diversity of cultures in a classroom. Students belonging to different cultures assemble and are educated. It has also been observed that some of them have problems of languages. Many of them do not understand English and hence they find it very difficult to cope up. It creates a barrier between the teacher and the student which leads to improper education.

• Ethics and education: – schools and colleges that are very strict also affect students. Uniforms, prohibition of use of mobile phones, attendance are some of the few.

The issues and its impact on the system of education: – It has been found out that more than 7000 students drop out everyday. This high rate of drop-outs is an effect of the issues mentioned above. There have been issues related to politics as well for which students and education suffers a lot.

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