Is This The Cruellest X Factor Yet?


Viewers who watched the X Factor tonight may have had every sympathy for the contestants that had reached boot camp last week, for a massive two thirds of them were eliminated before they even had the chance to sing in front of the judges. The panel, consisting of Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowlands, Tulisa and Louis Walsh, went through every single one of the 132 audition tapes on the night the contestants were partying, and decided to cut the majority, saying they did not have the X Factor, which begs the question, why put them through in the first case? Gary justified their decision by saying, “We have seen hundreds of people; I think there are some people that don’t deserve to be here. It’s time to get serious. We saw hundreds of people and now we have the measure of where the best are and where the worst are. I think we need to get rid of a lot of people.”

Tulisa added: ‘Looking back, when you’re on the panel and you’ve got all these people on that stage, you kind of get lost in the moment…yes they are a great person, they’ve got a great voice, but great isn’t good enough, these people have to be stars, they have to be amazing.’


In a shocking turnaround, the participants were segregated into groups on the lawn of the hotel in which the judges were staying and told that some of them would be leaving that day. Kelly told the crowd, “Last night while you guys were out enjoying yourselves, we decided to take a look back at your auditions, we reviewed them all on tape, there are some incredibly talented people standing before us, the bar is set extremely high this year. We only want to work with people we truly believe can go all the way…if you are in the group to the far left, we believe you have potential and you’re staying in the competition.” Groups to the left and right were saved and told that they would continue on to perform later on at Wembly Stadium, with only 4 hours to perfect their new song, whilst the remaining groups were informed that they had to go home. Gary went on to say, “Guys, we have had a chance now to review everything, we don’t believe that everybody standing here today actually has the chance to make it. It’s been a really tough decision but some of you are going to be going home right now.”

 The singing auditions in which the remaining contestants were placed into 30 groups then went forward with favourites Kitty Brucknell and Frankie Cocozza going through. The next stage will now be as the judges pick their categories and the contestants are mentored at specific locations. This have been, however, numerous complaints that the brutal way the judges cut the contestants out from boot camp may have tarnished the shows image irrevocably.

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