Is this Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Housemate Line Up?

With only one day to go, speculation is rife as to which celebrities will be heading for the Big Brother house in 2013. And as last year proved, it is almost an impossible task to get them into the nearby hotel’s accomodation without the paparazzi snapping away, and revealing their identities. Today, one such star was definitely keeping their persona under wraps, well, under a huge white fluffy towel to be more accurate, as they were led into a top London hotel, a day before the official Channel 5 launch programme.

ISO Images Ltd

ISO Images Ltd

The only clue to the person’s identity was the pair of UGG boots the star was wearing, but to be honest, although they are typically seen on ladies feet, men have been to known to wear them as well. So we cannot deduce an awful lot from their footwear. Instead, we have had to scour the internet sites for celebrity gossip and rumours and this year, this is what we have found out. Be prepared however, as it is all mere speculation, and the line up is likely to change at a moments notice.

One celebrity who is more than definitely expected to rock up tomorrow night is comedian Jim Davidson (PLEASE SEE UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF PAGE), and it will be interesting to see how host Brian Dowling copes with the brief chat before he enters the house, as the two famously fell out in a Celebrity version of Hells Kitchen, where Brian accused Jim of being homophobic. Jim called Brian a ‘shirt lifter’ and a f****** disgrace’ in one episode of the popular cooking programme and was promptly booted off the show when ITV received numerous complaints from disgruntled viewers. It is thought that Jim plans to silence these sort of rumours by admitting that he once had oral sex with a Thai ladyboy.

Photo Credit: Rex

Photo Credit: Rex

According to Monday’s Daily Star, the 59-year-old joked that it was only after the act had been completed, that he was told the willing participant was a male. The comedian is quoted as recalling: “I was in Berlin with my bodyguard and we pulled a couple of girls in a bar. I sneaked out the back of this bar and she gave me oral sex. Afterwards my minder asked me if I’d noticed anything funny about her. I said: ‘Big feet.’ And he said: ‘Adam’s apple, too.’ It was a fella!”

Davidson says he hopes to show people “the real Jim” during his time on the Channel 5 show.

“People who know me know I am not homophobic,” he is reported to have added. “I say the odd thing that seems to upset people without me realising it.”

Other celebrities rumoured to be entering the house include US actress Lindsay Lohan, who flew into London yesterday, alongside The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who Brian Dowling would love to have appear in the show. The 34-year-old former contestant believes the US couple, who shot to fame on former MTV reality show The Hills in 2006 before tying the knot in 2009, would be great contestants on the Channel 5 show, he said: “I would love to see them in the house. I watched The Hills and they’re so crazy. It’s like they would do almost anything to get some attention.”Celebrity_Big_Brother_2013__Who_s_going_into_the_house_

Now that the X Factor has finished it has left contestant Rylan Clark with not much else to do, so he is a strong contender for a house place, and host Brian will be pleased if he does appear, as he thinks Rylan would make a good housemate. He explained: ‘If you were describing a really fun housemate, you’d say loud, camp and boisterous, which he is. I also want his stomach because he can wear crop tops. I can’t.’ As well as Neighbours actor Ryan Moloney, former Corrie heart throb Sam Robertson, Heartbeat star Tricia Penrose, recently disgraced jockey Frankie Dettorri, and Steps singer Claire Richards are all rumoured to be taking part.

One person who probably won’t be entering the house and entertaining us all however, is former comedian Justin Lee Collins, There were rumours that he was due to take part, but after a Facebook campaign by his former girlfriend who the courts found in favour of when she sued him for domestic violence recently, he has quashed any notion that he may have been interested in the show, despite being “thrilled to have been asked”. Apparently the 38-year-old was said to be considering a potential £100,000 deal to appear on the Channel 5 show – but the former Friday Night Project presenter has claimed that he turned down the opportunity some time ago.

The host hinted to new! magazine that this year’s series will be ‘a little tougher’ on the celebrities.

He said: ‘I’m very excited. Emma and I did an ice-themed photo shoot and that could be a hint! I expect it’s going to be a cold winter for our celebrities!

* Celebrity Big Brother begins on Thursday January 3rd, on Channel 5 at 9pm


It has been brought to our attention that the comedian Jim Davidson has been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences in connection with the Jimmy Saville Operation Yewtree cases. It is not therefore known whether he will now be appearing in the programme but he was arrested in West London earlier tonight, along with a 53 year old man. The comic vigorously denies all allegations.

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