Is there any danger associated with celebrating Halloween?

The Christmas festivities are seriously rivaled by the Halloween celebration in terms of how it is widely celebrated and accepted in some countries. Before the events shops are opened and selling different Halloween associated paraphernalia throughout till after the end of the occasion.

There is some sect that believes that the name Hallow was extracted from Halloween. Hallow means holy, so if the events; masquerading, mysticism, and other questionable events taking place in the celebration is anything to go by, the “hallow” that means holly must be ascribed to Lucifer. This is an assertion from some Christian fanatic sect.

But on the other side, some fun-loving free-spirited sect believe that Halloween is simply a time for excitement, that the costumes, images, and other crazy things that is done in the events is simply nothing but a crazy way of having fun, the question is, should there be a crazy way of having fun? What about the images and symbols the events attempts to portray, who are they, are they in existence, if no, then where did the inspiration comes from?

These are some of the questions that religious fanatic put forwards in their attempt to answer the question, is Halloween celebration associated with danger?

Halloween and the spiritual implication

The root meaning of Halloween is said to mean holly day, but is there anything holy about Halloween? Holly means cleanness, consecration, righteousness, without blemish.

Does the description of the meaning of holly correlate with Halloween? If not, who then is this service of supposed holiness goes to. God or Lucifer? Who are Lucifer and God? Are they real or a folk tale told long ago by a delirious grandma? Where did the images of devil, demons, witches, etc come from, what inspires it?

The fact that these images are presented in the Halloween celebration is perhaps a confirmation that there are ethereal being or supernatural being and the fact that God in His word kicked against representing heavenly being under any earthly circumstances, much less worshipping, is probably a confirmation that maybe Halloween is dedicated to Satanism and not God.

This explanation can be said to be God’s stand about Halloween, what do you think is Lucifer’s stand?

Many people believe in the existence of God, but very few believe in the existence of evil presented as Lucifer. The truth is that, Lucifer does exist as God does. And the two being controlling the world is Good (God) and Evil (Devil). So blatantly wearing or masquerading in uniforms that depict these supernatural being is a sure evidence of the existence of the devil and a way of worshipping the devil, by the way, Lucifer is the devil.

The events that occasion the celebration of Halloween is said to be anti-Christian; the masquerading, symbolism of souling in trick-o-treat and Jack-o-lantern. These are major Halloween events and historically it is said to symbolize the act of souling; something to do with cleansing the soul during purgatory. This is against Christian belief. According to the bible, a soul that sins will die and after a man dies, the next is judgment.

These evidences kind of lend weight on the assertion about question of danger associated with Halloween. So without wasting time, base on this foundation about the stand of Halloween, the question about the dangers will be discussed next.

Danger of Halloween:

It believed that Candies distributed during the Halloween celebration are cursed. Also in this period demonic forces are allocated to the participants of the Halloween events. The supernatural beings are attracted to the masqueraded participants that open the door during the tricks-o-tricks events.

It is also believed that the colors orange: dark red and brown, adopted in the celebration is exclusively dedicated to drop equinox that occurs during September 20th and the 21st of the year and it s called the Mabon season dedicated to witches celebration.

Apart from these, other events believed to be associated with Halloween are: necromancy, cruel activities, sacrifices, human and animal orgies, etc. The proponent of the believes declares that these dangers only occurs behind the scene and most of  the things people see displayed is not the real thing. The truth of the danger of Halloween is not a fact, if it is truly real, more than half of the population of the world would have been dead or about to.

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