Is The Voice Judge Danny O’Donoghue Dating Bo Bruce?


Were you watching the final of The Voice on Saturday and gaped open mouthed, as I did when judge Danny O’Donoghue placed his hand on the hip of his protégée Bo Bruce, she of the ‘Lady Diana’ quivering tearful doe eyes? It was during their duet Read All About It and it started innocently enough with Bo doing her thing, waving her arms about and singing shyly into the camera. Then in pranched O’Donoghue with drums rapping away like nobodies business and perhaps the drama of the occasion took him to another place but as soon as the pair got close he was onto her like a rash. Placing his hand on her hip, they both looked into each others eyes, singing away and I swear if it were not for the few millions of people watching, they might have snuck a crafty snog. It certainly looked like that was going to happen. Now as a woman, I’m telling you that no woman allows a fella to put his hands on her hips unless they have ‘gotten involved’ let’s say.

And with tales now from The Script’s camp that the lead singer is currently ‘on a break’ from his Lithuanian model Irma Mali, was it this closeness with Ms Bruce that forced the model’s hand to break off the relationship? I know I would not have been happy had I seen my bloke do that on national TV! All throughout the process of The Voice, Ms Bruce has kept her cards close to her chest, revealing only when pushed that her mother is seriously ill and admitting that she is the estranged daughter of the Earl of Cardigan, but clearly O’Donoghue had fallen for the former wild child as nearly everytime he spoke about her his eyes would fill with tears as he described her incredible courage etc etc And Bruce has also spoken of her special relationship with her mentor, saying “This experience wouldn’t have been the same if I hadn’t had Danny,” she added, “From the word go he had confidence in me. I get on very well with Danny, we’ve got a lot in common.” The chemistry between the pair seemed to grow and grow from the start of the process and it is not known why O’Donoghue chose Bruce to attend the recent Glamour Women of the Year Awards with him in London instead of his girlfriend.

Bruce, who real name is Lady Catherine Brudenell-Bruce, was a favourite to win The Voice but instead the accolade went to Leanne Mitchell, she of the Tom Jones camp with Bruce tying for second place with Tyler James of the will.i.am camp. Vince Kidd, whose mentor was Jessie J, went out in one of the final rounds. A few eyebrows were raised when O’Doonoghue’s girlfriend at the time Irma, did not attend the final. It is thought that was she that ended the relationship and a source for the Irish Independent claimed, “The truth is that Irma has decided to end the relationship with Danny as they are both going in different directions. This split has been evident for quite a while now and has nothing to do with any third parties. Danny is a sweet guy and Irma has nothing but good things to say about him and their time together.” However, before The Voice started O’Donoghue was stating that he had found the right woman and that he was ‘a one man woman’. A spokesman for O’Donoghue said “Danny and Bo are definitely just friends.” We’ll see!

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