Is the iPhone 4 Worth the Money for a Casual User?

Phones are getting more complex by the minute, and the iPhone 4 is perhaps the most talked-about example of this phenomenon. Costing hundreds of pounds unless you can obtain one free with a new contract, this phone caused a stir among the public and became the must-have accessory even before it was released.

With many features to aid businessmen and –women, the iPhone 4 offers a wide variety of applications. Some of these

are free, some cost a small amount of money, and many of them can truly make your day easier. Linking up with your other Apple products is also easy as pie, and you no longer need an mp3 player as the iPhone has the same essential functionality as the iPod built right in.

But is a phone this elaborate really worth the money for a casual user like you or I? Even if you acquire it for free through your mobile phone plan, your monthly payments will reflect its price and you will end up paying more money than you would for a cheaper, less expansive phone.

The truth is that the iPhone 4 combines functionality with pleasure and its ease of use truly is second to none. As such, it may well be worth any extra expense it engenders. Additionally, add-on applications which are either free or low-cost can be found to aid any lifestyle. There is even an app for pet first aid, allowing you to know precisely what to do in the event of an animal emergency.

Mother, son and baby play with smartphoneAnother way in which this phone is a forerunner of its type is the way in which it displays films and television shows. The screen, with amazing resolution and razor-sharp imagery, functions as well as any HD TV and you may well find this an invaluable feature during long commutes or when you need to keep children quiet and happy. As such, a plethora of free games are also available that will keep you and your kids silent for hours on end.

The iPhone 4 is not a must-have phone in the sense that people are unable to live without it. But if you can afford to buy one or to pay for it through raised monthly phone bills, then you will not regret the expense in the long run. With its many features, the iPhone 4 truly is a phone to get excited about.

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