Is T-Mobile the Next Hot Mobile Service Provider?

T-mobileRecently, T-Mobile has been plastered all over the media-sphere for a few reasons. The main reasons why investors and customers are happy are the release of the iPhone last quarter and the launch of the Jump plan.

T-Mobile, meet iPhone

During Q2 of 2013, T-Mobile finally offered the iPhone among its available cell phones for customers – making it the final major US mobile service provider to carry the device. T-Mobile customers will now have a difficult decision to make when upgrading their devices – Samsung Galaxy or iPhone 5?!

T-Mobile’s iPhone helped Apple’s iOS jump 3.5 percent to 41.9 percent – closing in on Android’s 52 percent market share. For more information, check out this recent PC Magazine article.

More options and freedom for T-Mobile customers

Jump plan - T MobileIf the announcement of the iPhone wasn’t exciting enough for T-Mobile customers, last Wednesday, July 17, T-Mobile US launched its Jump plan which allows customers to upgrade their devices twice a year. T-Mobile is the first cell phone carrier to launch this type of plan.

The Jump plan will include protection against malfunction, damage, loss or theft, and costs an additional $10 per month. It will be interesting to see how other major mobile service providers react to T-Mobile’s new plan because most insurance plans cost $10 per month and do not include anything else. T-Mobile is offering comprehensive insurance coverage and the option to upgrade devices more frequently.

Similar to BlackBerry, T-Mobile has recently been criticized for being a follower in the industry. However, T-Mobile is now making bold moves to pull ahead of the competition and become a leader. Since the beginning of May 2013, T-Mobile shares have continued to increase, making investors across the board enthusiastic for T-Mobiles bold changes.

In relation to other mobile service carries, T-Mobile’s year-to-date return is 21.48 percent; Verizon’s is 18.35 percent and AT&T is 5.93.

If T-Mobile continues to make bold moves in the industry, it will continue to climb in popularity and profitability, which is what executives, investors and customers are hoping for.

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