Is Scientology to Blame for Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Divorce?

By now the whole world knows about the marriage break up of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and whilst speculation is rife as to why the Hollywood A listers have decided to part ways, one theory is the huge part Scientology plays in Tom’s life which is to blame. It is thought that Katie balked at the thought of daughter Suri having to attend a military style Scientology school called Sea Org, in which children as young as five are sent away, in order to become more versed in the religions ways. Katie, who was brought up as a Roman Catholic, is thought to have struggled with this idea and this was the final straw.

This is Tom’s third marriage break up; his first to actress Mimi Rogers to introduced him to Scientology in the first place, his second was to Nicole Kidman and his last now to Katie. Interestingly all previous wives have filed for divorce when they have reached 33 years old, including Katie. Tom first told the media about his love for his wife on the famous Oprah Winfrey sofa in which he jumped up and down in what many people thought to be an embarrassing show of emotion. He shouted “I cannot be cool, I’m in love!”

He married Katie soon afterwards and the marriage was a Scientology affair with his best friend, David Miscavige, who is the head of the religious movement conducting the ceremony. Since then Tom’s career has flourished whilst Katie’s appears to have stagnated, a sign perhaps of her husband’s controlling ways? Or simply that she has taken on the role of looking after little Suri? The press and media has long formed their own opinion about the marriage, stating with no authority or proof that Katie had become a robot and aged terribly in the wake of becoming Mrs Tom Cruise but pictorial evidence does not support this. And any woman looking after a 6 year old would attest to feeling tired at times I’m sure.

Fans of both stars will undoubtably be forming their own opinions as to why the marriage has ended and although sympathy will be with the pair of them, it does seem that Tom is taking on most of the flack, due to his allegiance with Scientology. Katie is already be portrayed as the poor ingénue who was naïve enough to fall in love and then become sucked in to the religion’s strict ways and beliefs, finally finding her own voice and for the love and commitment to her child, she has fought her way out of a controlling marriage. Are things ever that simple however? Katie could be playing a very clever game in which she sees the world’s wariness against Scientology as her way to funding a very lavish lifestyle. Not saying that is the case, just putting it out there. If I wanted to get a quickie divorce from Tom Cruise, I’d certainly mention the religion. It instantly divides people and many people do not understand what it is about and when you do not understand something you tend to either fear it or ridicule it.

I am not saying that Scientology is a good or bad thing. One thing I do remember is that the science fiction author L Ron Hubbard, and he was a science fiction author before he made the religion up, or ‘discovered’ it, which ever you care to believe, said at an authors convention four years before he started the Scientology movement, “Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars he should start his own religion.” Scientology has many celebrity fans from John Travolta, Priscilla Presley, Kristie Alley and Issac Hayes. The core beliefs of Scientology are that humans are descendants from an exiled race from outer space called Thetans and that we are nothing more than temporary vessels for the immortal souls of Thetans. To reach our full potential and spiritual enlightenment, we have to exorise painful memories of our past incarnations by erasing of painful mental images – called ‘engrams’ – that accumulate through successive incarnations. Fiction or fact? Who really knows. In the meantime, Katie and Tom’s marriage will now be payed out for the whole world to see, despite the probable gagging order that Katie signed up to when she married Tom. But whether you are on Team Cruise or Team Holmes, this should be a private affair and not for the media’s eyes to rip apart and savour the gruesome details. The end of a marriage should never be the subject of salacious gossip, it’s just too sad and important for that. Let’s hope they can come to an amicable agreement away from media attention. As for my thoughts, I’m Team Suri!

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