Is Laser Eye Treatment Right For You?

For those of us who have worn glasses or contact lenses for most of our lives, the thought of having laser eye surgery is tempting. But if you are anything like me, the very notion of someone fiddling about in your eyes is enough to put a stop to the idea. I just do not like the idea of a surgeon shining a laser beam directly into my eye and me not being able to move. So just how awful is the procedure? Well, the way laser eye surgery works is that a surgeon directs a cool beam of light from an excimer laser and gently reshapes the front surface, or cornea, of your eye. This procedure improves vision and apparently could give you complete freedom from glasses and contact lenses. And did you know that over 22 million laser eye surgery procedures have been carried out worldwide? So if you have the laser eye surgery, how would it benefit you?

Family life improved

If you wear glasses or contact lenses it could seriously be hampering any active life you hope to lead with your children. By having laser eye surgery you can knock a football around with your kids without fear of breaking your glasses, you can go swimming with them without risking losing a contact lens, in all, you can be far more spontaneous. Moreover, imagine if you have a new baby, being able to check up on them in the wee small hours without having to fiddle about putting in your contacts or trying to find your glasses in a hurry.

Happy Holidays

How many things pertaining to your contacts lenses do you have to pack when you are going on your holidays? The storage case, the two different solutions, plus a spare pair of lenses in case you lose one? Following a laser eye surgery procedure, you’ll no longer have to worry about forgetting your glasses, contact lenses or prescription sunglasses. And you do not have to worry about getting sand or sun cream in your eyes and irritating your lenses. The best thing about laser eye surgery is that it allows you to be more spontaneous. So you can go for a swim in the sea or rock climbing without having to worry.

Eliminating work problems

How many times have you got a headache from sitting at work looking at a computer screen for too long? No wonder if you are having to wear glasses or contact lenses all day. Staring at a screen can make your eyes very dry, especially if you have air conditioning on or the central heating working. With laser eye surgery, this problem is eliminated and you’ll no longer have to rely on glasses or contact lenses at work either.

Making sports more enjoyable

If you enjoy playing sports, wearing glasses or contacts is a real pain. You can’t see what you are doing properly, your glasses get in the way all the time and as for contacts, you are either worried that you’ll lose one or something gets behind them and causes you agony. Imagine then if you had perfect vision without them? Many sporting athletes have had laser eye surgery and actually endorse the procedure themselves. What’s more, you could see a major difference with your sporting performance after laser eye surgery.

There are several different types of laser eye surgery. LASIK is the most common and is where the surgeon cuts a flap off the cornea to which he then reshapes the inner corneal tissue with a laser beam. The flap is then gently put back and allowed to heal. This costs £395 per eye. LASEK involves removing a top sheet off the cornea and then reshaping the inner corneal tissue. The sheet is then replaced and a soft contact lens put on the healing eye. This method is for people who may have a thinner cornea or those who play a lot of contact sports. This costs £395 per eye. Finally there is the INTRALASE method where the flap is formed by a laser that cuts thousands of tiny microscopic bubbles which allows the surgeon to more precisely control and design the flap, thus tailoring it to the individual eye. This costs £300 extra per eye. Many different companies will offer these methods, such as Optical Express and Ultralase and it is up to you to find a surgeon that you are happy with before you decide to go ahead.

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