Is Kelly Rowlands about to lose her X Factor job to Cheryl Cole?

Was it just me or did you think that Kelly Rowlands was putting on that sick voice on Saturday night’s X Factor? We’ve all done it, had to ring up the boss and tell them we won’t be in that day as we have a ‘cold, migraine, sickness, etc’, substitute as applicable. But when you know that around 8 million people will be listening in on you, it makes it a little more serious don’t you think? That aside, Kelly lost one of her girls so her absence from the show was definitely missed. So is she really ill or was it the row started last week by Tulisa’s comments that made her throw a wobbly and stay in LA for ‘work commitments’. Here’s what we know so far.

Last week sparks flew between Tulisa and Kelly when Tulisa accused Misha B of back stage ‘bullying’, not her words but Louis soon added them as what soon appeared to be an attack on the poor youngster. Tulisa actually said that Misha B had been a bit mean to other contestants and she should concentrate on her performances, not picking fights backstage. Kelly interrupted several times saying ‘Keep this backstage where it belongs.’ But Tulisa pressed on. Since then, Kelly has gone on to say that working with Tulisa has made her life a ‘living hell’ and then went to the US for pre-arranged work. While she was there she contracted a severe throat infection and at the last minute, when doctors told her she could not fly back to the UK, Alexandra Burke stepped in last night to cover for her.

On last nights show we saw Tulisa speak to Misha B and tell the audience and viewers, with Kelly supposedly listening in the US, that they had spoken off stage and settled their differences and were cool again. Then she voted to keep her in the competition against Sophie, a sign that surely she held no grudges against the singer or Kelly. Since then however, Simon Cowell has given Kelly 48 hours to return to the UK as ratings are continually falling against BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing who pulled a massive 10.2 million against the X Factor’s 9.9 million viewers. And in amongst all this animosity are talks that Cheryl Cole may return to judge if Kelly does not make her mind up. With Simon Cowell’s decision to fire her from the American version of the X Factor still ringing in his ears as probably the worst one in show business, this would be the perfect opportunity for fans to get what they always wanted in the first place, Cheryl back on the judging panel.

If Kelly does return it will be a very tense few days on the set however as she has suggested that she would no longer like to sit next to Tulisa and what would the fans make of this? The X Factor is supposed to be all about the talent on stage and not about the bickering of the judges. Mind you, it does make for good TV! Although it seems like Tulisa has put the arguments behind her, when she made the speech about all the judges wishing her well saying, ‘We all want to send our love to Kelly, we hope she gets well and is back for next week live and kicking.’ She did fluff her lines at the last-minute which would suggest that her heart was not in the sincere message. Who knows? And although Alexandra was chosen to step in within the last 24 hours after Kelly flew to Los Angeles following a bust up with Tulisa Contostavlos, there are no plans to keep her on as a permanent judge until this mess with Kelly and Tulisa is sorted out. We will all have to wait until next Saturday. My vote is that Cheryl comes back! The official statement is: ‘Kelly will be returning to the show as soon as she has recovered. The girls have been in touch to wish her a speedy recovery and they can’t wait for her to get back. More news as we have it.’

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