Is It Worth Buying an Apple iPad, or Will a Cheaper Option Do the Trick?

The Apple i Pad has garnered a lot of attention since its first appearance on the commercial market in April of 2010. With touchscreen functionality and the friendly, easy-to-use interface the i Pad has taken the world by storm, and it wasn’t long before similar items from other manufacturers came along. These are frequently less expensive, so what precisely does the i Pad offer that others do not? And is it worth buying the Apple i Pad knowing you’re paying more money? A quick investigation comes up with some surprising results.

The first thing to remember is that the Apple i Pad will always cost more than its rivals. You are, to some degree, paying for a name. But you should also remember that iOS has been in development for a long time and that, between its computers and its i Phone range, Apple has perfected the ultimate in user-friendly interfaces.

While other tablet PCs obviously aim to reach the same standard of usability and functionality, the question remains whether it is possible for them to fit all those years of research, trial and error in the relatively small span of time since the i Pad first hit the markets to overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Another thing to remember is that the App Store is by far the most expansive applications database for a tablet computer. While, obviously, some tablets from other manufacturers have access to the same App Store, you’ll want to make sure that they can make full use of everything you will require.

In terms of user-friendliness, you should also consider the support lent to Apple users versus the users of other brands. Try to research this carefully ahead of time; this could well make the difference between enjoying your tablet computer and struggling from start to finish. Reviews online will help you figure out whether your chosen manufacturer will provide you with the support you require and expect. As you’ll be laying out quite a bit of money, this is not a waste of time.

The warranty associated with your chosen tablet computer is also important. Apple provide quite a comprehensive warranty but even so you may wish to use ProtectYourBubble.com or a similar service to insure it against theft or user error, water damage and drops. Obviously, you’ll have to tot up that cost and add it to the purchase price of the tablet computer you’ve elected to buy. Run each make and model through ProtectYourBubble’s quote generator and you’ll be able to make a much more realistic estimate of the total cost of your unit.

If you have an i Phone, you’ll want to go with the Apple i Pad. This unit will allow a lot of cross-compatibility and you’ll really be able to enjoy each feature of phone and tablet to make full use of each. Obviously it will be handy for business as well as pleasure in that capacity.

As far as business goes, nothing will look quite as impressive as an Apple i Pad, as it truly is the industry standard. If you’re wanting to impress your business contacts, then you can’t cheap out and buy a different brand. However, as long as your use is casual and you fancy a tablet computer that functions, alternative options are definitely available to you.

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