Is he into you or not? New website HeTexted can help!

If anyone of you have felt an affinity with the lady in the McDonald’s coffee advert, where she is telling her friends about a text her previous nights’ date left her which said: ‘See you later.’ And she exclaims: “See you later? What does that even mean?!” Then we may have found just the website for you. HeTexted is a new website that helps you decipher those cryptic messages that men leave women, and hopefully will stop ladies endlessly over analysing the text. We’ve all been there at some point; you go on a great date, have a fabulous evening, can’t wait for the next time you see them, and you get some ambiguous text message that leaves you feeling a little deflated and out of sorts. The problem is, you ask your friends what it could possibly mean and they don’t want to upset you, so they will play down what they really think is going on. But you could really do with some unbiased opinions, and this website will give you that.

The way it works is that users can upload their messages onto the site, and people can then decide whether ‘he’s just not that into you,’ and at the same time, leave you helpful tips and advice as to what you should do next. HeTexted is the brainchild of ex Glamour employees, Lisa Winning, 29, and Carrie Henderson-McDermott, 25. They have relaunched the site with a spanking new pink and blue design, and says that users are already spending about an hour browsing the site. The founders spoke to the Huffington Post; Miss Winning said: “Basically…my girlfriends were constantly talking about it – they’d come back from dates and be almost obsessive about analyzing what the text messages meant and what their next move should be.” Miss Henderson-McDermott added, “I graduated college three years ago and I have really smart, strong girlfriends, yet every Saturday morning, we’d wake up and be like “Did he text you?” “Are you going to text him?” I know it sounds so archaic and it’s sending back the movement 50 years, but really? That’s how girls act sometimes.”

HeTexted allows users to either upload a screen shot of their text conversation or send in what was texted. People registered on the site can then vote whether or not the main question is ‘into them’ or not, or give the ‘Juries out’ option. If you have a text that you don’t want the general public to analyse, you can pose it to ‘The Bros’, a team of hunky males who will give their perspective privately.  There’s Mason – The Dude Whisperer, Tim, the Nice Guy, and Ben who’s a bit of a douchebag (his own words). Miss Henderson-McDermott said: “We very much want the site to feel like you’re talking to your friends. So these are guys that have a certain kind of dating history. Eventually we would really love to grow the ‘Ask A Bro’ a section and make it more of a guest edit celebrity spotlight.” Can you imagine someone like George Clooney or Brad Pitt telling you ‘He’s not into you’!

It seems that the founders of HeTexted have hit on a bit of a hit with the female population who have long wondered what males were trying to say via their text messages. Miss Winning explained: “We find that people are on the site for a full hour – or even longer. They want to know what people are saying about their own little dilemma, and I think that just speaks to human nature.” But some people do not think the site is a good thing and think the site might actually be ‘feeding the insanity’ of obsessive girls; others however, believe it may actually help young women to get an objective opinion on matters of the heart. Miss Winning states: “[HeTexted] speaks to how universal women are,” adding, “Everyone’s the same. They want to discuss this stuff at length and it’s one of the most important things for them, no matter where they’re from.’” And it appears that the site is not only popular with a target audience of teenagers and girls in their twenties, apparently women of all ages are logging on to browse the site, and a large number of men. Miss Winning told Today.com: “Some of our strongest feedback is coming back from guys.” Perhaps they are worried that their secrets are being discovered! Some texts however, no one can decipher, please see below:

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