Is Emma Watson a new fashion icon?

Just a few days after the Happy Potter Premieres in London and New York, Emma Watson, who plays Hermione in the

Emma Watson - askmen.com

Emma Watson - askmen.com

films, is now the talking point, as a result of the two very different looks she opted for.

Dressed in a gold strapless gown for the New York premiere, with heavy make up, Emma definitely dared to bare, wowing crowds with her edgy look. In contrast, at the London premiere she went for a classic look, dressed in a skimpy black lace dress, with black high heels.

Emma Watson - usmagazine.com

Emma Watson - usmagazine.com

Perhaps it was the fact that fans still remember Emma from her earlier Harry Potter days, that her outfits have become such a talking point; still thinking of her as an innocent, young teenager, rather than the woman she is today.

Emma recently spoke to the Mirror newspaper about how she ‘dared to bare’ in New York, as a result of it being such a fashion capital, but that she didn’t feel quite as comfortable about dressing in something as ‘out there’ in London.

Since the premiere, newspapers have been talking to Emma about life after Harry Potter, with her making it very clear that she wants to start taking more risks in life. She said that cutting her hair off a month or so ago was the start of this process, and it worked because she instantly felt like a woman; something she struggled to feel like during her Harry Potter days.

Does this mean that more and more girls will want to adopt an edgy look like Emma? No doubt pictures of her will now be splashed across the front of magazine and newspapers, following her every move. Her fashion sense has definitely changed over her Harry Potter years, blossoming from a nine year old child into the 20 year old woman she is today.

Emma Watson - dailymail.co.uk

Emma Watson - dailymail.co.uk

Growing up in front of such a huge audience can’t be easy for anyone, especially during teenage years, but Emma has clearly taken her fame in her stride, being a role model for other girls and being an inspiration for those who are fashion-conscious.

With her flawless skin, chiselled features, very individual style, and not forgetting her intelligence, the world is certainly her oyster for whatever she chooses to do next. Perhaps she’s graduated from wizardry school as a worldwide fashion icon, and is set to become someone every girl wishes they could be?

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