Is biggest best when it comes to TV size?

It’s a case of big, bigger and biggest when it comes to new television launches at the moment, with technology companies seemingly competing to see who can out size each other.

Panasonic has created its biggest ever LED TV, the 60-inch Smart Viera TX-L60ET5, while Samsung has gone one better with the 75-inch ES9000 LED Smart TV, and Sharp has stepped up the game even further with its 90-inch Sharp Aquos LED TV.  We take a look at all three Behemoths.


This 3D-friendly TV comes with four bundled pairs of glasses for those who like their images to look as if they’re jumping out of the screen at them.

It looks good on the outside. Crafted from glass and metal, it is impressively slim, at just 1.5inches wide.

And, behind the scenes, Panasonic has done some nifty work too. The backlight control has been improved by increasing the number of frames generated. For viewers, it means the contrast between light and dark is noticeably better improving the picture quality.

Handily, you can also control the TV with a smartphone or tablet using the special Smart Viera Remote App – although that could lead to even more arguments at home about who’s in charge of the remote.


Samsung already announced earlier this year that it was releasing its mammoth TV to the US and Korean markets and it has now revealed it is rolling out the 75-inch ES9000 LED Smart TV to Europe as well.

Taking a leaf out of the Xbox’s book, Samsung has come up with a way to use gesture controls to make the most of the ES9000’s internet access and app support. So, you can play the incredibly popular Angry Birds just by waving your arms around. What more could you possibly want from a new piece of kit?

Well, probably a fair bit more if you’re going to shell out around £8,000. But, you do also get a super-slim machine, with a bezel size of just 7.9mm with no visible seams and an integrated webcam which slides out of view when not in use – clever.


Finally, what does the biggest TV on the planet offer? Well, for a start, it measures more than 2m across so you get a huge picture – you probably won’t even need to fork out for cinema tickets again.

Developed by the Japanese television makers’ engineers, the TV is set to go on sale in summer 2013, which is probably just as well as, while Sharp is yet to unveil a price point, it’s bound to take us a few months to save up enough money for it.

Sharp’s European vice president Alberico Lissoni, said it would give customers a viewing experience like nothing else they have seen so far. “Our 90-inch AQUOS LED TV offers size, picture quality and smart functionality unlike anything consumers have experienced with LED TVs to-date,” he said. “You can now experience Sharp AQUOS like never before.”

All three of these gizmos are certainly impressive. The only problem you may have is fitting them into your living room.

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