Is ‘bespoke make-up’ the future of beauty products?

You think of bespoke products when it comes to a special occasion, such as a birthday or Christmas, when you want a personalised gift. But nowadays even make-up is going bespoke. And when stores like Harvey Nicholls launch a service called Beauty Concierge (a personal shopping service for make-up), you know this is one trend that is here to stay.

What is bespoke make-up?

Bespoke make-up can be classed as the next generation of beauty products that fit a person’s individual requirements. Whether this is in the form of a foundation with a particular mineral base and colour, a mascara with a certain brush style and formula, or eye powders to flatter your skin and eye shades.

Bespoke products come in different guises. For instance, you could simply get a mascara with such a range of brushes, colours and formulas that you can pick one that fits your personality.

Or you can have pure colour drops that can be added to a product a consumer already has.

Brands offering bespoke make-up


Talking of mascara, London beauty brand Eyeko is already offering a type of bespoke mascara that comes with over 100 different combinations of brush shape and formula to suit differing lashes.

Within the products there are brush wands that are thicker for a more dramatic Sixties look, or thinner ones to give a more subtle effect.

Co-founder of Eyeko Nina Leykind said: “It’s like the Baskin Robbins of mascara. Getting it right is about the combination. One doesn’t work without the other.

“Even if you have an amazing brush for you, if it’s put together with the wrong formula then it doesn’t work.”

Eyeko London’s Bespoke Mascara costs $57.


Onto foundation now, and Cover FX Custom Cover Drops are an alternative to the old way of using foundation. Instead of foundation these are highly pigmented drops and there are three basic colour palettes of neutral, pink and gold that each have a range of different shades within these palettes.

You use the drops by mixing them in with your favourite serums, moisturisers or other creams to create your very own bespoke colour.

They cost $44 and work by utilising ‘Flash Fusion’ technology, which means that as soon as you add the drops they blend in flawlessly and leave behind only pure pigment.

Bespoke make-up advice

Harvey Nichols is the first retailer in the UK to launch a new service offering a appointment with a beauty advisor. This is, for now, a complimentary service, and designed to help the customer find their ideal colour match for lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations etc., with no favouritism towards any particular brand.

And according to Daniela Rinaldi, the group beauty buying director at Harvey Nichols, this way of tailoring bespoke products towards individuals is the way beauty buying is heading. She also thinks that bespoke buying is only going to get more popular, as consumers look for a more personalised service:

“I think the one size fits all concept just simply doesn’t cater to customers’ individual needs at all times anymore,” she said.

“Whilst there is still definitely a market for ready-to-wear beauty, we are seeing an increase in our customers wanting to know that the product they are using is right for them; many don’t want to learn this through a process of trial and error.”

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