With Gym Membership prices skyrocketing, is it worth the expense?

Everyone seems to attend a gym with a degree of enthusiasm that borders on fanaticism, these days. But with prices skyrocketing, is it really worth the expense? An in-depth look at what you need to make your gym pass worth the plastic it’s printed on.

A big problem people complain about after purchasing gym membership – usually on a year-long contract – is that they never find the time to go. Does this sound like something you might do?

If so, you have two choices. You can either commit to going to the gym, resolving to make the time to enjoy your membership, or you can forego the expensive membership fees and buy some home workout DVDs or take up jogging or cycling.

If you worry about being able to find the time, then consider making time before work instead of hoping you’ll have a spare moment after. Get up an hour early, head into the gym and spend thirty minutes on a treadmill before showering and suiting up. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll feel the positive effects of your gym visit all through the day, which will give you a new sense of energy when you attack your workload!

If this is still not a good option, then perhaps a gym membership isn’t right for you. When you go to the gym fewer than twice a week, you simply won’t stick with it as it will become too sporadic – and ideally you’ll want to aim for three or four times a week, at any rate.

Consider what facilities your gym membership offers you. Some gyms offer only exercise equipment, but if your gym offers a pool or steam room facility you may find that it will be beneficial in terms of relaxation as well as exercise. If that is the case, then you may be able to entice yourself into going by promising yourself a relaxing steam right after you work out and shower, or – if you’re lucky – you can spend some time chilling in a Jacuzzi or a hydrotherapy pool.

If you know what types of exercise you definitely enjoy, then opt for a gym that caters to your likes. You won’t attend a gym where you can do nothing enjoyable! But if you never enjoy exercise, then you may find that a gym membership changes your mind by allowing you to explore the world of endorphin highs, in which case you may find yourself unexpectedly transformed into a gym bunny!

Part of making a gym membership work for you is about self-discipline, and making yourself take advantage of it. If you feel you have what it takes to do that, then a gym membership could be just the thing to spruce up a lacklustre exercise regime and make your way to a new physique.

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