iPhoneography Festival in Santa Monica Features Stunning iPhone Photographs

For people who have a creative side but who cannot paint or sculpt or find an outlet for their creativity, the iPhone camera is something of a Godsend. With the use of some mind boggling apps, you can take an ordinary photograph, and turn it into a piece of artist genius. And with this in mind, there is now a festival which is dedicated to showcasing the best of these photographs, called iPhoneography, situated in Santa Monica.

It is the world’s largest iPhone arts festival and it will be held this weekend in Santa Monica with more than 600 pictures on display. This is the Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival and it is being held at the Santa Monica Art Studios where around 250 artists from over 30 different countries will showcase their iPhoneography work.

The festival hopes to make aware the other remaining 130 million people who own iPhones all over the world, just exactly what the digital cameras on their iPhones are capable of.

Daria Polichetti, who is one of the co-founders of iPhoneArt.com, which is holding the festival, says, “When people think of iPhone art or something iPhoneography they think of Instagram now, which is so huge, and all the snapshots that are up there, and this is just a chance to show people that there’s a lot more really creative work going on and much more than they might expect that’s possible to do with these devices.”

The festival showcases the photographs that have used an app in one way or another to enhance or distort the original picture, and because the exhibition specialises in iPhones, the photographs have all taken advantage of the many apps designed to improve and stylise pictures.

This is one exhibition that really celebrates this new and exciting art-form of iPhoneography. It is thought that with more people now using Instagram and posting their photographs onto Twitter and Facebook directly from an iPhone, has gone a long way to popularise the new artform.

The festival is also offering workshops on the iPhoneography, which will focus on tips and techniques to produce work similar to that on display in California. So those people who already have an iPhone and want to learn specific techniques on how to enhance and distort their picture, will be able to do so.

The co-founder of the festival, Nathaniel Park, told the LA Times, “There’s never been an exhibition with over 100 mobile photographers and mobile artists ever,.” And the new artform is now becoming so popular that London’s Kensington and Chelsea College is currently offering a course to students in that subject.

There are many apps that you can download for the iPhone which made the camera much more than simply a digital camera. Some apps make the picture look like an old master oil painting, others give it the appearance of a Salvador Dali painting, whilst others give an aged look to the photograph and even other can be used to add effects such as photo-manipulation.

“This is a huge movement that’s happening,” said Polichetti. “We just wanted to bring that here to L.A. We wanted to show the creative side of iPhoneography, and mobile photography and mobile art. We just started seeing some amazing things being produced. We just wanted to create a platform to help get their work seen.”

The festival in Santa Monica will continue for one week and will be open daily from 12 to 6 p.m.

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