iPhone Apps for Musicians

Obviously, the iPod functionality of your iPhone helps you enjoy your music no matter where you are. But if you are a musician, your iPhone could be using apps that will make it easier to enjoy your hobby, too. Let’s explore a few of the handiest apps to make your musical exploits more convenient.

AmpliTube is an app that costs £13.99. For an app, that’s quite expensive, and obviously, it had better live up to the expectations set by the impressive price-tag. Essentially, AmpliTube is a way of turning your iPhone into a mobile guitar and bass processor and recording studio. You need an iRig to connect your guitar (or bass) to the iPhone, and then you’re off. With a wide range of effects, five amps with full controls, and a bunch of other features it actually does seem worth the price. The built-in recorder makes this into quite a handy application, and if you’re serious about music it may well be something you’ll never want to be without. Well worth the money!

Tab Toolkit is a good bit less expensive at £6.99 but remains reasonably pricy. It does offer an interesting service, however; instead of peering at printed-off tablature and messing about with multiple pages, you can let your phone scroll the tabs you want to play past. You’ll be able to adjust the speed and Tab Toolkit comes with a wide range of other features including a metronome, a fret board or keyboard showing fingering positions, and a built-in web browser allowing you to download tabs straight from the internet. Definitely a great plan for anyone looking to use tabs in a more convenient way.

Cleartune is a £2.49 app and it’s a lot simpler. Without all the shiny add-ons, you’d think it wouldn’t be so helpful. Nothing could be further from the truth – Cleartune allows you to tune your instrument and offers a great service even when there’s a lot of background noise going on around you. It offers more than a conventional tuner would and honestly, the accuracy is amazing. Definitely worth two quid fifty!

Musicians enjoy the iPhone and iPod series from the point of view of listening to music and getting their own work out there. But these gadgets can be amazingly helpful in terms of making your music, too. Don’t downplay the advantage of having good apps on your iPhone or iPod in terms of making your musical career a success!

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